Christine Brown, star of Sister Wives, sold her interest in the property in the Coyote Pass

Christine Brown, star of Sister Wives, sold her interest in the property in the Coyote Pass ...

Christine Brown has had a great deal of changes in the past 12 months. Kody Brown divorced her husband, sold her house in Flagstaff, Arizona, and purchased a new house in Murray, Utah. She also left her spiritual marriage to Kody Brown. Christine has now removed her last attachment to the Flagstaff area. Christine given her ex-husband the deal and paid it for dirt.

The Brown family was never able to reach an agreement on Coyote Pass.

Fans of Sister Wives have long suspected that the Brown family's polygamous life would come to an end when they relocated from Las Vegas, Nevada, to Flagstaff, Arizona. The family's decision to relocate was not unanimously supported, and the purchase of undeveloped land seemed to spur outrage.

The last time Kody Brown and his four wives agreed on anything was a long time ago. Their biggest conflict has been the construction of Coyote Pass. Christine Brown quickly rejected the plan to erect a single, significant house on the plot. She may have had a negative reaction to the thought when she decided she would no longer be Kody Browns wife.

Not everyone slammed Christine's views about the property. Robyn Brown, Meri Brown, and Jnelle Brown hve ll drew up a lot of trouble with the property.

Christine Brown hs sells her ownership interest in the building in part.

The sle of the property fell into a double occupancy in July, according to Us Weekly, extending ten months after Murry, Uth, and her roots were removed. In 2018, the Brown fmily paid $820,000 for the undeveloped lnd, which was later divided into individual prcels with the intention of buying a house on ech one.

The fmily hs not yet constructed nything. Christine will no longer be building nything on Coyote Pss. She pid only $10 for her piece of lnd, which she gve to Kody Brown nd Robyn Brown. She gve Robyn nd Kody piece of property tht is worth more thn $200,000.

Does Christine choose men for the future of Coyote Pss?

It's not surprising that Christine severed her links with Coyote Pss. But what does it matter for the future of the property tht she gve it to her former spiritul husbnd nd his legl wife? The Brown fmily might ultimtely need to divide the lnd once more s result of the gift.

Meri nd Jnelles prcels were next to Christines property in the originl lyout. Robyns property is bigger than Jnelles', while Kodys property is nearing Jnelle nd Meris. In the long run, neither of them seem prticulrly motivted to do so.

Sister Wives' Dissolution From Christine nd Kody Browns

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