Bella Hadid and Marc Kalman: A Look Inside the Model and Art Directors Romance

Bella Hadid and Marc Kalman: A Look Inside the Model and Art Directors Romance ...

After sparking romance speculations in the summer of 2020, Marc Kalman and Bella Hadid decided to keep their relationship secret.

After having a very public relationship with The Weeknd, Hadid has been somewhat coy about her new one. Both had dated intermittently for four years before they split in August 2019.

Hadid and Kalman were first mentioned in connection with each other after being seen dining together in New York City in July 2020.

During 2020, keen-eyed admirers saw the model out with the artist, but it wasnt until July 2021 that Hadid officially announced the relationship.

At the time, she posted on Instagram, declaring, "Time of my life." I am happy, happy, happy, and grateful.

While Hadid and Kalman were in town for the Cannes Film Festival, the couple's Instagram post was a blurry photo.

Hadid revealed her history with men and her relationship dynamism six months later, indicating a more fulfilling relationship with Kalman.


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The Prsons School of Design student sid tht for long time, in both personl nd professionl situtions, she didnt hve boundries. Hdid tht since sought therpy to regin her equilibrium.

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Scroll down to see how Hdid nd Klmns' beginnings.

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