Fans of Emmerdale who believe Kit must know the connection between Gabby and Laurel have exposed him as a love rat

Fans of Emmerdale who believe Kit must know the connection between Gabby and Laurel have exposed him ...

Fans of Emmerdale believe that when love rat Kit decided to sleep with both Gabby and Laurel, he knew exactly what he was doing.

The Scotsman, who was recently introduced as Marlons' physio, has been playing with fire following a series of friendships with Laurel and her stepdaughter.

Laurel has been more content than ever with her new husband Kit in her life as Gabby has enjoyed a slew of meetings. Both women have been squabbling about their new friendships without knowing they are referring to the same man.

Laurel was choppy to see him kissing Gabby in the ITV soap operas episode from this past Wednesday, July 10, just hours after they had romped.

While he claimed that he was not aware of the relationship between the two, supporters are not persuaded and believe he was aware of them from the start.

One fan commented that Kit must realize that Gabby and Laurel are friends #Emmerdale.

Another writer argues that Kit/Chris must be the stupidest person in emmerdale, who is playing around with two people from the same village. In small towns, everyone knows one other, or does he simply refuse?

I first thought tht Kit didnt know tht Gbby n Lurel re relted but im beginning to think he knows dmn well nd is loving it #Emmerdle.

A fourth question is asked: Is Kit relize Gbby Lurels stepdughter or is he believe they re strngers to one nother???? #Emmerdle.

Despite the two women finding out, fns are optimistic that there will be plenty of more drm in the future becuse mny think both Lurel and Gbby my become pregnnt.

If Lurel nd Gbby were expecting the rtbg, one person commented on socil meditht it'd be musing. Who knows how mny more Kit is currently working on. I hope the girls re smrt enough to get caught up. #Emmerdle.

What should happen to both Gbby and Lurel? #Emmerdle, the second speculted.

If Kit gets Gbby nd Lurel up the duff up t the sme time #Emmerdle, imgine, nother user tweeted.

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