When asked to meet Frank Sinatra, Bob Dylan said nah

When asked to meet Frank Sinatra, Bob Dylan said nah ...

Bob Dylan has revealed how much he admires Frank Sinatra before making a cover album of the singers well-known songs. It's astonishing that he completely missed a chance to meet Sinatra in the 1980s. Tom Petty and Stan Lynch, the Heartbreakers drummer, disclosed that Sinatra had invited them backstage following a performance. Dylan refused the invitation without hesitation.

Frank Sinatra was spotted performing in Stan Lynch of the Heartbreakers and Bob Dylan.

Lynch informed the Heartbreakers, who were Dylan's backing band for Farm Aid, that he had to leave early to see Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr.

Bob walked up to me. Where are you going? What the f***s are wrong with you, he asked? I informed them, I must go see Frank and Sammy.

Dylan's concern for Lynch and the other Heartbreakers remained constant.

If I hd rdioctive dust is coming out of my **, Lynch reclled tht the entire bnd bcked from me, or God is my witness, Frnk Sintr? Smnth Dvis? I went to see Frnk nd Smmy with Bob becuse I thought they were wesome.

The fmous musician dwindled to enjoy Dyln while Lynch was dragged away. But the fter Dvis came to an end, and Dyln got up.

I spied him by the swetshirts bck nd yelled, No, Frnks next!

He declined the opportunity to spek with the brilliant musicin.

Lynch nd Dyln got the chance to see Sintr bckstge fter the performnce.

We pass the whole performnce before someone bckstge recognizes Bob, ccording to Lynch. I hd long-time love ffir with the Rt Pck. Someone comes out nd sys, Frnk sys come by the dressing room fter the show nd sy hello. Im thinking, this is going to be gret! It hs become hbit for me.

Dyln, unfortuntuntely, seemed to be unsatisfied with seeing Sintr s Lynch.

So, Lynch sid, we go by the dressing room. I sy, Bob, come over here. He responds, Nh. Lets go in nd sy hello to Frnk. Lets move.

Lynch found out to be the typicl of Dylns personlity.

He sid, it ws so perfectly Bob. Nh, f*** it, like tht. Im leving, however.

Sintr hve met with Bob Dyln and Frnk.

Dyln spent his whole life voiding Sintr. The two musicians crossed pths severl times, nd Dyln once went to the restaurant prty t Frnk Sintrs house.

In a n interview posted on his officil website, Dyln reclled the mn: He ws funny; we were stnding outside on his ptio t night, nd he sid to me, pl, we got blue eyes, were from there, nd he pointed to the strs. I reclled believing tht he might be correct when he sid.

Dyln t Sintr's 80th birthdy celebrtion performed the song Restless Frewell. He was the only performer to not ply the Sintr song. This ws because of Sintr's own request for the song.

The singer lbedes one of Frnk Sintrs' finest-known songs.

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