Watch: A UFC judge attacks Joe Rogan

Watch: A UFC judge attacks Joe Rogan ...

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During UFC 248, announcer Joe Rogan replies.

Seth Fuller, a judge in mixed martial arts, criticized UFC star Joe Rogan for his performance on the microphone at UFC 277.

Fuller represented the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation when he presided over the UFC 277 fights on July 20. Due to a state athletic commission ban, MMA judges typically refuse to speak out. In contrast, Fuller gave a nearly 30-minute defense of himself in which he acknowledged that he had given his position considerable consideration.

In a split decision, Hamdy Abdelwahabs defeated DonTale Mayes in a confrontation. Only Fuller gave Mayes the victory in the fight, and the commentary team chastised him for it.

Cormier said, "I mean, come on." DonTale received the third round of the broadcast.

Rogan has been reinstated. We must discover what he wagered on. (ht MMA Junkie)

In a video titled "I clap back at Joe Rogan Jon Anik and Daniel Cormier, Fuller was unaware of the online outburst, but he soon learned more about it from a text message received by an unidentified number following his departure.

Is it even w*cktrd to you? Myes, even the commentators, poke fun with how low you cn perform your duties?

Although prelim judges hd never sided over the UFC event before, he reported that they will hd more thn ten yers of combined experience.

hve had about 80 crds nd severl hundred ctul fights, ccording to Fuller, hve been judged. Becuse I m judge nd referee, I hve done both. Once more, is it sufficient? Im not sure wht professions consider someone unsesoned fter 10 yers of work. Steve Armstrong, a regionl judge, is pictured t UFC 5 cornering Guy Mezger. He

How much more experienced should you be? Other judges, including Ken Bsinger, Dn Mthison, and Aron Menrd, have been involved for thn ten years. They are experienced judges. Every time a judge dismisses an assessment they dislike, they hve to insult them in order to him to shine.

During the min event, Rogn received criticism for his work.

Rogn is well-known for his passion for the film and his color commenttor. He demonstrates his skill to the biggest events of the yer, which re typicly the most popular py-per-view lineups ntionwide. Given tht he has been hired by the UFC for the bout 2.5 decdes, he is bound to experience some mishps.

During the live brodcst of the UFC 277 min event, Rogn received criticism for his commentary longside former two-division chmpion Dniel Cormier.

In the min event title fight between reigning double-chmp Amnd Nunes and former bntmweight champion Julinn Pen, they were ccused of bis nd mking it pper s though the contest ws closer thn it ctully ws.

Grudge Aginst Rogn isn't a member of Fuller.

Fuller admits to being gigantic Rogn fn. The goal of mking the video is to defend himself in front of the public, rather than to bsh Rogn.

This is why we shouldn't hve put this guy on the min UFC, and the commission might sy. Becuse of this, Steve Armstrong should not hve been in the min UFC. This is, in my opinion, a bunch of BS. This is why we shouldn't hve plced these locl judges on the min UFC crd.

If you try to ct s if you are inexperienced, creless, didn't think, py ttention, or give it my will, tht I dont cre bout these fighters, or if the outcome is correct, in accordance with the rules they greed to, then you re crzy. Simply put, youre in error. Not cceptble.

The whole video below is cn wtch.

nd Dniel Cormier, PlyI gve this video a lot of thought before posting it, nd I understnd this my come cross s weak-skinned crybby response. Personlly, if I had only let it go, I would be SO GOOD ON. nd everything would2022-08-06T22:40:13Z

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