The Giants are expected to lose a Super Bowl victory

The Giants are expected to lose a Super Bowl victory ...

Taylor Rapp and Darious Williams celebrate in 2021.

The New York Giants are in desperate need of safety depth as the preseason starts on August 11.

The safety skill, according to projected starters Xavier McKinney and Julian Love, is in desperation. Due to a broken collarbone, rookie Dane Belton will miss the preseason. The rest of the team's depth is made up of unproven safeties like Andrew Adams, Trenton Thompson, Nate Meadors, and Yusuf Corker.

This is a top-heavy organization, and if McKinney or Love get hurt, inexperience becomes an issue.

The Giants must be on the lookout for a security capable of fleeing a competitor.

A Super Bowl contestant has a potential candidacy.

According to Bleacher Report, Taylor Rapp, a guard for the Los Angeles Rams, is reportedly on the roster bubble.

Last season, the 24-year-old scored 94 tackles and six passes for the Rams, which he had been forced to miss the teams playoff run prior to the Super Bowl, but Ballentine noted that the defense didn't disappoint.

Jordn Fuller is set to win over the Rms during his Super Bowl run. Nick Scott, who had 14 tckles nd n interception during the Rms' Super Bowl victory, is the Rms' opponent. Scott nd Rpp re lso in their contrctul yers.

The dvntges of Rpps gme were discussed by Bllentine.

Rpp hs was dangling in the coverge. He gve up 9.7 yrds per trget, four touchdowns, and the 74.1 completion rte lst seson. Its resonble to question whether Rpps' vlue in the run gme will be enough to keep him round.

By trding or releaving the Rpp, Los Angeles cn free up more thn $2.5 million in cp spce. Given the tlent t sfety nd the Rms $8.2 million in cp spce, it would make sense to fill dditionl needs.

Odell Beckhm Jr., a wide receiver who helped the Rms win the Super Bowl, is still a free gent, according to Bllentine's plyer, who might be re-signed by the item.

How Rpp Will Be Used in New York

If McKinney nd Love remin helthy, where would Rpp fit in the picture?

Don Wink Mrtindle, the defense coordinator, might employ more three-sfety appearances. In most defenses, Mrtindles coverge strtegy focuses primrily on mn coverge.

Rpps strength is rushing defense, and he cn assist out by cring closer to the box. Rpp may become even more dptble with Rpp in New York, according to Mrtindle.

The first thing tht mkes Love (nd other plyers like him) fun to coch is how smrt he is when it comes to footbll. According to Mrtindle, when it comes to USA Todys Gints Wire, he understnds little things, and thts vluble piece to hve when youre putting defense together in this legue.

It's crucial to keep an eye on the Rms re lso cpble of using three-sfety looks.

If the Rms decide to cut or trde the soon-to-be four-yer vetern, the Gints should keep an eye on the sitution.

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