Big Mos' return and his revelation of the Fat Elvis romance are shocked fans of EastEnders

Big Mos' return and his revelation of the Fat Elvis romance are shocked fans of EastEnders ...

Big Mo Harris (Laila Morse), an iconic member of the EastEnders cast, made a comeback during the most recent visit to Albert Square.

Walford was stranded on a cruise with her husband Fat Elvis, which resulted in her disappearing from our screens for over a year.

She later shared her name with Jean Slater (Gillian Wright) and the two have been residing at a campground for RVs.

Fans of BBC EastEnders are spotted a new actress in Albert Square as the actor of the soap is replaced.

When Stacey Slater unexpectedly escaped with her ex Martin Fowler (James Bye) and his new partner Kheerat Panesar (Jaz Deol) on Tuesdays' episode (August 9) she spent a family vacation with her ex Martin Fowler (James Bye) and his daughters.

Despite having told Stacey that she was staying with a friend, Jean was actually working as a waitress in the caravan park's clubhouse.

During the August 10 episode, Stacey met her mother and expressed her concern about her being alone.

Mo, who unexpectedly appeared outside the caravan door, informed Stacey that she was not alone. Here me.

Im mixing up some Pina Coladas in your insiders and admiration.

Seeing Big Mo return to the television was stunned, and viewers were rushed to their keybords to express their joy.

One supporter wrote: "We hve missed you on Twitter.

Another dded: Yy welcome bck Big Mo.

One additional user wrote that Big Mo is bck! good humor.

The three women lter st down in the crvn nd cught up over drink in scey we of Big Mo nd ws rendered speechless.

Wht heppened to Ft Elvis? Stcey questioned Mo. By now, you two would be wed nd enjoying Cribben bech.

Mo replied: Do not thwart me on Ft Elvis.

What's wrong with him? Stcey was questioned.

Mo was retorted on the cruise ship during a convention.

Jen remained debating about Elvis impersonators from all over the world.

Mo left me disappointed.

A fight splintered on the street floor, moved to the deck, and three individuals died, and Jen was interjected. Since then, nobody has seen Ft Elvis.

No, with her mouth wide open. Stcey sid:

When Jen nd Mo lter broke out in lughter, Stcey was dissatisfied with the story.

Stcey asked Jen to return before the credits were shipped, but it ws cler tht she ws concerned that tht people were hurting her.

She recalls mintins tht she will never return to Wlford becuse of the wii she cted during her bipolr episode.

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