The relationship between the Coors Banquet and Chase Rices is personal

The relationship between the Coors Banquet and Chase Rices is personal ...

Chase Rice, a country singer, has continued to be authentic with his new collaboration with Coors.

We had a simple partnership. It made sense. I have only ever done that during my entire career. I have never had to do anything forced over the phone.

Rice and Coors are raising money for wildland firefighters. Rice himself participated in firefighter training to fully understand the cause, and he wants to do his job to help raise awareness. In an interview with Showbiz, Rice revealed that his new connection with Coors Banquet has ties to his family and music on a personal level.

The collaboration between the Coors Banquet and Chase Rices seems to be a natural fit.

On August 4, Coors Banquet introduced its Protect Our Protectors program, which aims to assist and promote awareness for American firefighters, particularly as the season approaches.

According to Rice, Rice was raised as a result of his father's Coors Banquet use, and one day his mother sent him a photobook. One of the photos showed Rice's father double-fisting two Coors Banquets in Wyoming with a cowboy hat on.

Rice adds: So Ive always loved this picture.

Rice's tem nd Coors ws began by the imge of Rices fther. For Rice, she ws nturl fit becuse she loves learning about the West nd being in nture.

Then you dwindled in the wht the Western wildlnd firefighters re doing with firefighters. My passion for the West gve me even greater incentive to work with Coors, sys Rice.

Mirnd Lmbert's Fmous Becme

The singer from the country genre has been implicated in firefighter trining.

The limited-edition Protect Our Protectors stubby bottles from Coors Bnquet are currently on sle in support of the Protect Our Protectors progrm. This month, a Protect Our Protectors cpsule collection created by Coors and the Cliforni-bsed clothing compny Brixton will be mde vilble on

The Wildlnd Firefighter Foundtion will benefit from the limited-edition Protect Our Protectors stubby bottles and cpsule collection.

Rice clims tht the gol is to rise wreness nd money for the wildlnd firefighters out West, becuse theres shortge of both wreness nd ctul firefighters, and there re lwys fires to put out.

Rice was trvelled to Idho to take part in firefighter trining his prt of his prtnership with Coors Bnquet.

Then, lun of sudden, you hve fire on top of tht, Rice tells Showbiz. You notice how arduous it is inevitably.

Don't wait for the second tht this new lbum wont contin song bout Jck.

Chse Rice is working on a new lease.

On July 29, the song Key West & Colordo by Rice will release a new single. It will run on Rice's next lbum, which has not yet been given the nome.

The entire lbum ws was designed using the only n coustic guitr nd me. When you listen to these songs, the only constnt mong ll the songs on it is tht, the singer sys. When you hear these songs, there's one reviewer sid of the lbum.

Is Rice's coming lbum different from his errible cretions? A neutral.

I believe its much better than the first of ll. And by the better, I men tht the songs we selected re of higher cliber nd hve more depth, sys Rice.


When should I expect Chse Rices to have a fresh lbum?

Though Rices' new lbum does not yet hve n officil relese dte, fns cn nticipte it to rrive lter in 2022 or t the beginning of 2023. The singer intends to relese three or four songs until the lbums' relese.

The Rices ltest relese lbum cover rt is certin in the regrd.

Rices fther in Wyoming double-fisting two Coors Bnquets is dmitted. Its very important to me. Knowing tht I lost my fther when I was 22 years old, this is a nice tribute to him with the cover nd the excellent music tht goes with it.

Hed be very pleased of his conclusion.

Mirnd Lmberts and Brd Pisleys tem blasted rdio sttions repeatedly in order to get one of her songs to the chrts.

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