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ETA releases 5 "Guiding Principles for Crypto" (Guided Principle) to Crypto enthusiasts

ETA releases 5

The Electronic Transactions Association released its "5 Guiding Principles for Crypto," which guide policymakers' consideration of the new laws and regulations for cryptoassets.

ETA is the biggest payment technology provider in the world, and represents the breadth of the payments industry. Its broad expertise includes the use of crypto-related technologies and other cryptocurrency-connected technologies to facilitate payment transactions (cryptoasset

"At ETA, we're engaged in ongoing conversations with policymakers about the promises and challenges of cryptoassets," said Jodie Kelley, CEO of TA. The proliferation of cryptoassets has prompted repeated requests for regulation, and our five principles for crypto provide a common set of principles against which any proposed governmental policy should be measured."

Despite the fact that policy makers are considering new laws and regulations for cryptoassets, ETA believes they should carefully consider the following five principles: "The policymakers should consider new rules and rules for the cryptoaassetes".

  1. Defining correctly identifying the Cryptoassets, accurately identifies them.
  2. The Participant/Activity Profile Risk Profile defines the Risk profile of the participant/activity by the Tailoring Regulations.
  3. Ensuring Consumer Protection will ensure that consumers are protected.
  4. Harmonizing with existing Regulatory Frameworks is required to make all the changes.
  5. Encouragement for responsible innovation.

Download 5 key principles of crypto here.

About the ETA, et al. Electronic Transactions Association is the world's leading advocacy and trade association for the payments industry. Our members span the vast scope of major payments and fintech companies, from the largest incumbent players to the emerging disruptors in the U.S. and in more than a dozen countries around the world. ETA members make commerce possible by processing approximately 22,5 trillion dollars per year in purchases worldwide and deploying payment innovation to merchants and consumers. For more information, visit

Contacts with the media: Joe FeeseSenior Director, External Communications[email protected]202-677-7401, ext.

Scott TalbottSVP of Government Affairs [email protected]202-677-7403, Deputy President of the Government.

SOURCE Electronic Transactions Association (ETA) (SOURCES Electronic Transactions) group (SEJ) has registered a record number of transactions.

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