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The Health Literacy Steering Committee announced the Health Equity Steersing Committee The Advisory Committee on Health literacy is announcing the launch of the health literacy and health equity program

The Health Literacy Steering Committee announced the Health Equity Steersing Committee The Advisory Committee on Health literacy is announcing the launch of the health literacy and health equity program

The AHIMA Foundation, 501(c)3 charitable organization, announced the creation of a steering committee to support the organization's consumer-centered Health Literacy for Health Equity campaign and programming.

The committee will be instrumental in the strategy of the upcoming consumer campaign, as well as driving the Foundation's holistic vision to nurture a solution-based, resource-driven hub for consumers, advocates and healthcare industry stakeholders invested in health literacy

The AHIMA Foundation executive director says this committee represents some of the most impressive minds in health literacy, community health and health information. This group combines the experience and the depth of knowledge necessary to tackle the gap and opportunities in the field of health literacy and equity.

The members of the Steering Committee are::

  • Maria Caban Alizondo, Maria. PhD, RHIT, FAHIMA, director, Health Information Management Services, UCLA Health System, & System Sciences, University of California, Medical Sciences.
  • Amber Detty was a bit bith. , MA, CHDA, Manager, Population Health Analytics, Southeastern Health Partners ACO, AMO, CS, MEAD, PA, CA, FYS, BA, K.K., N.R.A
  • Lisa K. Fitzpatrick has been working with Lisa. , MD, MPH, MPA, Founder & CEO, Grapevine Health, Inc.
  • Richard M. Frankel is Richard Frankerl. Doctors and professors, Indiana University School of Medicine, University of Indiana.
  • Jennifer Garvin is a Jennifer-Garvin. , PhD, Director, Health Information Management and Systems, Ohio State University College of Medicine.
  • Lolita M. Jones Lolitea Lollito M Jones Jones. MSHS, RHIA, CCS, President & Co-founder, Population Health Analytics Association Incorporated, MSH, SHSHS, / CHS.
  • Lakesha Kinnerson Kinnererson Lake, Lake Kinserson. MPH, RHIA, Assistant Professor, Health Administration and Informatics at the Samford University School of Public Health, MHPH - MSP, PHPH-MPH (RHIBA) / Professor
  • Bella Kirchner, Bellelle Kircher. MA, Director of Research and Education, Aunt Bertha, MA.
  • Elena V. Rios is Elena's v. National Hispanic Medical Association, President & CEO, MD, MSPH, FACP, SM, National Health Association (National Hispheric Medical Society), BVQ.
  • Sally Sidwell Sisduff is a Slynned sally. , SVP, Client Engagement, Optum, VP - 'SVP', Customer Engagement / Optimum & Optics.
  • Michael Villaire is a Michael. , MSLM, President & CEO, Institute for Healthcare Advancement, BP&S, Inc., University of Michigan, Division of Health, and a University College of Technology, San Francisco.
  • Charlotte S. Yeh. MD, FACEP, Chief Medical Officer, AARP Services Inc.

Research shows that low health literacy is correlated with increased emergency room visits, hospital stays and higher mortality rates. These issues adversely affect underserved communities, revealing that low health literacy is contributing to health inequities in America.

The Foundation has also launched the 2021 Health Literacy Scholarship Essay Contest, which was designed to gather ideas that address the dimensions of health literacy and identify possible solutions. The competition runs through October 15th, and is open to undergraduate, graduate and doctoral-level students with focus on health information and health informatics. The winner is going to get a $5,000 prize. More details can be found here.

The Foundation will be present at the Virtual Conference of the AHIMA 21 on Wednesday, Sept. 22. The panel of experts will share stories and case studies about how health literacy is being dealt with in the provider setting and beyond. Register here for AHIMA21.

About AHIMA Foundation About Foundation.

The AHIMA Foundation was founded in 1997 as a nonprofit. It is the 501(c)3 charitable organization of the American Health Information Management Association (AHIM). The AHIMA Foundation champions inclusive health data access and understanding through consumer education, training for health information professionals and collaboration with strategic partners across the healthcare ecosystem. For more information, visit the AHIMAFoundation website.

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