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Honors Nonprofits Shaping the Future of Fundraising the Raise Awards honor Non-profit organizations who are addressing the issue of monetary affairs

Honors Nonprofits Shaping the Future of Fundraising the Raise Awards honor Non-profit organizations who are addressing the issue of monetary affairs

OneCause recognized the best of the year for Raise Awards ceremony at the Roaring 2021 Conference on Friday, Sept. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- The leading online and event fundraising company, oneCaka, recognized More than 900 nonprofit fundraising professionals gathered online Sept. 13-14, sharing lessons learned and exploring future strategies to reenergize fundraising.

The Raise Awards are the annual awards for the nonprofit community, said Steve Johns, chief executive officer of OneCause. "Over the past four years, hundreds of organizations and professionals have produced stories that truly change the future of fundraising. These winners represent nonprofit trailblazers who turned the pandemic into opportunities for their causes and found new ways to engage donors and grow their impact.

The Raise Awards expanded its list of honorees in its fourth year, recognizing two winners in each organization category, and three individuals in the Fundraiser of the Year category. The winners of this year include:

Innovative Nonprofit of Year Innovative, Non-Profit of the Year. The Innovative Nonprofit of the Year Award recognizes two organizations that uniquely push themselves, inspire others and consistently reach new heights by implementing new ideas.

  • Food Outreach, Inc. A "Virtual Canned Food Drive" created by supporters created a virtual cannes drive that enables them to form teams and compete against each other. The campaign became one of the agency's largest fundraisers in 33 years history. It provided more than 266,000 medically tailored meals.
  • JDR The United States chapter shifted from traditional in-person ballroom programming to digitally driven interactive experiences. According to estimates, the JDRF signature events Gala program will exceed its annual goal by more than 35 %.

Storyteller of the Year, Booktellers of The Year! The Storyteller of the Year Award recognizes two organizations for excellence in communicating their purpose through branding, narrative and promotion, that motivates the mind and moves the heart.

  • Stray Rescue of St. Louis and Stayst. Using the donor's name from the rescue through the healing process, the donation continues the journey of the donors. The money being invested in these stories helps expand their reach to 358,000 followers and increase Facebook donations by 21%.
  • Canine Companions Canines - Companionions of Cannines. The stories of real clients, puppy raisers and volunteers were powerful - "Disability doesn't disappear during a crisis." We don't, neither." This helped propel their online engagement to 4.7 million impressions and acquire 2872 new donors.

Fundraisers of the Year are the proceeds from the years financial year. The Fundraiser of the Year Award recognizes three nonprofit professionals who excel in leadership, passion and success among their peers.

  • Katie Koglman, Executive Director for United Way of Wayne and Holmes Counties, United Methodist, said that the 'General Public Library' has been re-director of United Y.Y, and the Holmes County Katie brought new energy to the organization that hasn't reached its fundraising goals in over 10 years guiding the organisation to a record-breaking year, raising more than they have ever raised in their rural community.
  • William Miller, executive officer of Kean University Foundation, is Chief Executive Officer of the Keen University. Bill created a culture of philanthropy, helping the Foundation become socket, and the best year in total money raised and with the largest gift ever received since its founding in 1984.
  • Nathan Smith, vice-president of Philanthropy for RAIN, Inc. Under Nathan's innovative leadership, RAIN transformed its three major fundraising events, and raised the agency' budget by 600% in 2005.

The winners were chosen by a committee of fundraising experts, oneCause customer advisory board members and ten previous Raise Awards winners. In addition to the award recognition, winners receive a cash donation to their mission, which is made up of OneCause.

For more information about the Raise Awards, please visit:

About OneCause, About TwoCams. OneCause is an easy-to-use fundraising software that helps nonprofits engage donors, raise more money and save time and resources. Our full suite of cloud-based fundraising solutions has powered 6,000 organizations, supported over 38,000 fundraising campaigns and events, and helped nonprofits raise more than $3 billion. OneCause was recognized by Inc. Best in Business, is a TechPoint MIRA Award winner for Pandemic Pivot of the Year, Mobile Technology Excellence & Innovation, and he has gotten the


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