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LogIQ Fleet Data Platform for Road Ready Advanced Telematics Unveils Login Logik Fleet Information Platform For Fleet, Data System For Vehicles and Vehicle Ready, LogQ Integrated Fleet Streaming System

LogIQ Fleet Data Platform for Road Ready Advanced Telematics Unveils Login Logik Fleet Information Platform For Fleet, Data System For Vehicles and Vehicle Ready, LogQ Integrated Fleet Streaming System

Road Ready, a telematics and intelligent fleet technology provider from Clarience Technologies, has introduced its groundbreaking integrated data platform, LogIQ, to the new patented company, Oct. 14 2021 /PRNewswire TM MC EmbryotherapyTM At the 2021 American Trucking Associations 20-21 Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) press conference today, American trucking associations will announce the 21st American Convention on Trucks, at the press event. The new LogIQ platform lets commercial fleets better track the data from trailers and other fleet equipment.

"Commercial carriers cannot easily analyze data trends when they collect data through multiple feeds and portals," said Nada Jiddou, a spokesman for Clarience Technologies. "We developed LogIQ to streamline the delivery of data and make it easier for fleets to obtain actionable insights that improve their operating efficiency."

Innovation focused on customers. As smarter, more connected technologies become integrated into the transportation industry, commercial fleets have access to new data sources, which can bring significant efficiencies to their operations. But even the most sophisticated fleets can feel overwhelmed by the task of analyzing the increasing number of information sources to optimize their operations.

LogIQ is the integrated data platform that lets users complete access through its FleetViz fleet. TM is a tyre-bomb. A single interface provides detailed data from instantly accessible widgets. The dashboard gives you a closer view of the asset's active alerts and need attention. With dynamic reports and insights, fleet managers can analyze data to reduce costs, optimize fleet assets and increase supply chain visibility.

Partners will power the platform. LogIQ data platform is built up by its best partners, all of which are leading brands serving commercial transportation. LogIQ's trailblazing technology, unlike anything in trailer telematics today, acts as a universal language decoder. This enables data from LogQ partners to communicate with each other through intelligent trailer components. This enhanced trailer connectivity makes it easy for third party data to get aggregated, thereby facilitating smart decision-making.

LogIQ's leading partners offer the following integrations with Road Ready:

  • Right Weigh, Inc. Right Weigh's onboard load scale for air and spring suspension trailers measure a rig weight on the ground axle, saving fleets money on commercial scale fees, out-of-route mileage and overweight fines.
  • I. P.S. The automatic tire inflation system (ATIS) and its TireVew system are manufactured in Germany and the USA. TM MCTM Tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) which gives the tire pressure and temperature in real time, and its suite of optional sensors provide other critical vehicle health data such as wheel bearing temperatures and air pressures.
  • Hendrickson hendrixson. Hendrickson WATCHMAN. TM - MC & m. Quick and efficient, fleet operations maximize performance by providing real-time visibility to potential tire and tire problems.
  • Continental Continentals are the Continental American of all time. Continental ContiConnect Continental. TM MC - 'Hybrid' Sensors monitor tire inflation and temperature, making fleets more efficient to identify potential issues and schedule preventative maintenance.
  • ConMet Digital Conmet Digital Digital has been converting digitally. ConMet Digital Preset Plus - Conmet Digital-Presets Plus. scynx mrim phnomydny zotjnia naoszdab SmartHub is the first connected health monitoring system, built into the hub assembly, which delivers actionable intelligence to optimize wheel-end health.
  • SKF & HKF. SKF Wheel End Monitor communicates the speed and safety of the wheel and alerts fleets of potential bearing failures before they occur.
  • SAF Holland - Sf Holland. Using real time sensors, customers can monitor trailer tire pressures while driving, when uncoupled and idle.
  • Stemco Stemic - Stemeco (Stymbal) Stemmco is a sour cream. The programmers can program the project to meet customer's specific tire revolutions requirements. TracBat Hubodometer helps fleets schedule maintenance, determine lease charges, validate guarantees and calculate costs per mile.
  • Hyundai Hyundai Transleado. Road Ready welcomes its latest LogIQ partner, Hyundai Translead, who now offers HT LinkSense. TM MC telecommunications. To increase the efficiency of fleet operation, you can turn on the trailer to make it easier for all trailers to operate and maximize the fleet's operational efficiency. Air disc brake pads, smart brake chamber, light out detection, brake end temperature, tire pressure monitoring, etc. Included sensors include cargo volume, weight, door, air disc, lift, sandbag, belt, wheel end,

Road Ready understands commercial transportation well as the brand was born from Truck-Lite, a leader in advanced lighting solutions, who quickly established these partners. Road Ready believes LogIQ will be key to the customer on day one and predicts that the platform will become more powerful with the number of partners and will also lead to future artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities.

A strong vision drives technology leadership. Just weeks after the 5G Ready system was announced, it will allow fleets to operate their systems continuously without worrying about downtime caused by cellular network upgrades. Now, the Road Ready business has gone even further to continue to innovate in behalf of its customers.

Road Ready is not a stranger to technology. It has built an in-house team with extensive experience in transportation technology - software developers, hardware and manufacturing engineers, each with a vast track record in digital transformation. The brand has a much better sense of what future technologies are coming and when they'll arrive, making it easy for them to deliver customer-focused innovations at the speed of the industry.

"As the change in technology accelerates, we can't simply followwe must lead."

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About Road Ready About Road Ready, a brand of Clarience Technologies, is an advanced telematics and smart fleet solutions SaaS provider with ties to Southfield, Michigan. Road Ready provides customized telematics solutions for fleets to manage, optimize and maximize their assets. Driven by an extensive network of partners, customers can do more through a single interface, Road Ready continues to implement groundbreaking research and development to make impactful contributions to the transportation industry.

About Clarience Technologies Clarience Technologies is a leader in automotive and fleet management technology, and is focused on developing vehicle and vehicle management technologies, the commercial, passenger, recreational, off-road, leisure and pleasure craft markets. Through our data and insights, we improve fleet management, streamline supply chain management and increase safety on and off the road. Since the first sealed marker light introduced in 1955, our company introduced a steady stream of innovations that have turned customers into long-term partners. Today, Clarience Technologies is a global company known for its quality and commitment to sustainability and for providing the technologies that keep our world moving forward. Learn more at

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