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The Iconic Downtown Miami Restoration Project Julia and Henry's

The Iconic Downtown Miami Restoration Project Julia and Henry's

School of Whales, a leading entrepreneur with ten years of experience in the development of re-development projects in South Florida, has unveiled the first of its portfolio of diverse construction and restoration projects.

School of Whales has secured a spot to invest in the restoration of the historic Walgreens building that was originally built in 1936 in Downtown Miami, now being transformed into dubbed Julia and Henry's.

"Julia and Henry's perfectly exemplifies School of Whales' brand values": it'll be an adaptive reuse project honoring the city'' heritage and the community' s fabric while improving Downtown As long as the development is near complete, it is ideal for our investors, making it a tangible return opportunity for everybody involved at an attractive valuation.

The location is at 200 E Flagler St. in Downtown Miami, Julia and Henry's will have significant impact on the local economy, creating an estimated 750 new jobs in the area and attract more than 800,000 visitors a year

The building will be topped off with a five-square-foot rooftop restaurant with spectacular views of Miami and Biscayne Bay. The name is named after the renowned Miami-based actress Julia Tuttle and railroad tyco

"It's great seeing a Miami-based FinTech startup invest in the city' s development while preserving its unique and rich tradition," said the Mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez. The innovative approach to crowdfunding real estate investment is a more creative approach, like building ten o'clock Miami, for everyone.

School of Whales launched in July 2021, actively funds daily investors. Through the platform, anyone can invest for a small sum of $500 in revitalization projects in South Florida. This will help investors to gain profits interested investors can learn more about the crowdfunding platform and invest at the cost of the capital fund .

ABOUT SCHOOL OF WHALES: School of Whales is a Miami-based financial technology start-up launched in June 2021 by financial whale Andrea Petersen and her business partners, Daniel Pena-Giraldi, based in commercial real estate and The goal is to be achieved. To create a simple real estate fund that allows individuals with as little as $500 to invest in development that will impact their communities and make investors profit with aims. To learn more or to invest, visit the website. .

Please contact us for media inquiries. [email protected] .

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