Mindtech, a Synthetic Data Pioneer, has given us an update on its Intelligent Data Engineering capabilities

Mindtech, a Synthetic Data Pioneer, has given us an update on its Intelligent Data Engineering capab ...

**Chameleons intelligent data engineering ensures that AI vision systems are prepared in the fastest manner possible.**

**Part three of Mindtech's research on synthetic data, which includes useful information for data engineers, and real-world data training**

SHEFFIELD, England(BUSINESS WIRE)August 10, 2022

Mindtech Global, the world's leading data producer, has today revealed their commitment to efficiently supplying machine vision systems developers with enough accurate and relevant images to develop their network, according to their appellations.

Chris Longstaff, the VP Product Management at Mindtech Global, defines intelligent data engineering as a rapid, automation-assisted generation of pertinent and exact data in part three of Mindtech's synthetic data guide.

In this process, a synthetic data creation platform, like Mindtechs, generates lifelike pictures of a specific scenario that engineers might transform into training data. Longstaff explains that platforms like these are a vast improvement on the alternative: wading through real-world content (videos, photos) to discover images that will successfully instruct an AI how to act, a process that is time-consuming and weighing challenges.

Longstaff explains why equities are paramount in the guide.

Hundreds of thousands of images are being created by AI-based vision systems, making manual review and selection impossible. Using intelligent data engineering is the only scalable approach.

The full text on Intelligent Engineering and how to remove irrelevant training data can be found here:https://medium.com/mindtechglobal/how-to-boot-out-irrelevant-training-data-from-visual-ai-intelligent-data-engineering-bba3cdeb7b2.


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Mindtech Global is the world's leading end-to-end synthetic data development platform for AI vision systems. It's a step change in the way AI vision systems are handled, helping computers understand and anticipate human interactions in applications ranging from retail, smart home, healthcare, and smart city.

Mindtech has a headquarters in the United Kingdom, with operations across the United States and the Far East, funded by investors including Mercia, Deeptech Labs, In-Q-Tel, and Appen.

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