The film 'Fall' used deepfake technology, which resulted in Lionsgate cutting over 30 F-bombs

The film 'Fall' used deepfake technology, which resulted in Lionsgate cutting over 30 F-bombs ...

The upcoming film "Fall" by Director Scott Mann was spotted in a panic when the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) rated it R for US audiences. Evidently, the MPAA took offense to all the F-bombs. It was unfortunate because they wanted a PG-13 to keep it open to a wider audience.

"When we were filming the movie, we didn't know if we were R or PG-13, so I said the F-word so many times," said the co-star. "I think [director Scott Mann] wanted me to kill me in post when we were attempting to get a PG-13 rating."

The reduced rating was bad news because the low $3 million budget did not allow for reshooting events.

"For a movie such this, we cannot reimagine it. We're not a big tentpole, we don't have the resources, we don't have the time, more than anything else," Mann said. "Teach item really helped this film and rekindled the audience."

Out of directing the film, Mann is the filmmaker and co-CEO of Flawless AI. Unlike Flawless, it uses neural networks and machine learning to seamlessly dub movies, usually to voice them in other languages. The AI allows actors to sync their lips to an alternate audio track.

Flawless sells its services to the film industry, but with Mann at the wheel of Fall, producers at Lionsgate got a huge discount. Mann notes that the post-production dubbing only took two weeks. Despite the company's showreel above, viewers should not even notice Gardner's "fricks" being actually "f*cks."

Deepfake technology has been a somewhat controversial subject. Opponents fear that bad actors might use it to propagande with trusted elected officials making statements that never occurred. It has also been used to (mostly) seamlessly (mostly) fusing celebrities' faces onto porn actresses' bodies. At least Flawless AI found a legitimate and practical purpose for the technology.

Fall is about two women who climb to the top of a radio tower in the middle of nowhere and get stuck with no easy way down. It stars Virginia Gardner (American Horror Stories), Grace Fulton (Shazam!), and Jeffrey Dean Morgan (The Walking Dead) and this weekend's premiere.

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