VIBE and SHE Media Have Announced Phoebe Robinson and Heather Lowery As Their Final Voices Of TheYear

VIBE and SHE Media Have Announced Phoebe Robinson and Heather Lowery As Their Final Voices Of TheYea ...

Chase Sapphire, VIBE, and SHE Media have teamed up to honor their five Voices of the Year (VOTY), which was initially launched in June. This year, the VIBE and SHE Media Voices of the Year were selected by an eminent panel of judges who was led by Datwon Thomas. The three-month celebration will honor and amplify powerful voices across a broad spectrum of industries.

Diarrha NDiaye-Mbaye, the founder of Ami Cole, a luxurious beauty company for women who enjoy melanin-rich skin, was the first honoree. Adrienne Smith, Adrienne, Adrienne's co-founder of Harlem Hip-Hop Tours, and the founder of Blitz Champz, is the subject of a cover story for Adrienne's cover story. Through Magic In Her Melanin, Adrienne is a member of the D&I Communications

Meet The Final Honorees of the National Book of Fame

Heather Lowery is the president and CEO of Femme It Forward, a revolutionary multi-format music and entertainment company that seeks to honor, educate, and empower women. She has recently been appointed this role in her new joint venture partnership with Live Nation, which she currently runs with a five-member team.

Phoebe Robinson is a stand-up comedian, writer, producer, and actress. She has been the co-star of two popular HBO series, Dope Queens, and several critically acclaimed podcasts, including Soo Many White Guys and Black Frasier. She is also the author of You Cant Touch My Hair: And Other Things I Still Have to Explain, but everything is ok, and it's okay, which has been purchased as a series order for Freeform.

Meet the Panel:

Datwon Thomas is the editor-in-Chief ofVIBE Magazine and the vice president of cultural media for MRC. He has held positions as the founder and editor of the mens lifestyle guide, KING Magazine, urban car enthusiasts favorite, RIDES Magazine. He has also served as the editor-in-Chief of XXL Presents Hip-Hop Soul, a publication titled "R&B and Hip-Hop." Thomas was also the editor-in-Chief

Christine Imarenezori is the executive editor ofVIBE, which oversees daily editorial content and manages its dynamic team of editors, reporters, and writers. Prior to joining the team, Imarenezor was an early adopter of social media while managing various artists social media accounts in the new media division. Imarenezor is an avid Christian scholar who enjoys day hiking.

Eugenia Miranda Richman, who is a leading editor and award-winning journalist, has led SheKnows' transformation from a lifestyle publication to a wellness center where moms receive the latest nutrition, celebrity, health, and parenting news, as well as shopping stories, essays, and discussions on all of the issues they need. Richman, an Argentine-Nicaraguan editor with over 15 years of experience in publishing and digital media, is not only bringing fresh content offerings to SheKnows, but also

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