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Number of Americans living Paycheck to PayCheck decreases despite Pandemic

Number of Americans living Paycheck to PayCheck decreases despite Pandemic

The study conducted in the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic showed that over 63% of Americans would have financial difficulties if their paychecks were delayed for a week, according to. 'The American Payroll

"It's essential that employees do what they can to get the most out of each paycheck," said Dan Maddux, executive director of the American Payroll Association. "Individuals can use the tools offered on the NPW website to learn how to better understand their pay and maximize their earnings."

Those who were asked how difficult it would be if their paychecks were delayed for a week. Approximately 13 884 respondents, more than 63 percent, said they would find it difficult to meet their financial obligations either somewhat or very hard to fulfill their obligations.

A APA website offers educational resources and tools to help employees better understand how to maximize strategic savings from their paychecks. Its goal is to increase the benefits of employer-provided pay, increase pay and increase productivity.

"A company's people are its most valued asset," said John Ayala, president of ADP Employer Services, North America. "The APA's Getting Paid in America survey highlights the importance of payroll professionals in today'evolving environment."

The "Getting Paid In America" survey was conducted in conjunction with the National Payroll Week, September 6-10, APA's annual public awareness campaign. The survey uncovered how individuals are paid in the United States. Over two thousand individuals responded to the survey and analyzed how they were paid for in America. For complete survey results, visit

The APA is the nation's leader in payroll education, publications and training. Visit the APA online at

SOURCE The American Payroll Association Sources The Paypaying Association (American Pay-roll) is a member of the American payroll association.

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