In the wake of reports, Nicola just revealed the real reason she didn't wear Victoria's wedding dress design

In the wake of reports, Nicola just revealed the real reason she didn't wear Victoria's wedding dres ...

A miscommunication. On August 10, 2022, Nicola Peltz just cleared the air about Victoria Beckhams' wedding dress drama. The Transformers actress spoke to Variety for her husband's feature story. The reason she thought the drama sparked the tragedy.

Nicola Peltz Beckham told Variety about how the media thought she was arguing with her mother-in-law. The drama supposedly started when she didn't wear the Valentino dress that she intended. She decided to wear it instead. She confessed. So she decided to put another dress on her plate, and they ended up using it. I've learned that they're always going to try and put people down. It's great.

According to a Page Six source, the petty relationship between Victoria and Nicolas escalated when Nicola agreed to go through any of the [wedding] planning, which she did not agree with. She would not talk to Victoria in any way, according to the source. Victoria and her husband David Beckham have remained in touch for several months, according to the source.

Nicola wrote two images of her crying on Instagram, saying, sometimes I find it difficult to show the sad bits of me. I even grew up with seven siblings and two very powerful parents, and they made me really tough to endure it. It just made me realize that people are unlucky to see you, and it makes me feel sorry for others. I just wanted you to see you on my page, and it makes me feel sorry for yourself. I just wanted to show you this side of me here. I am honored to see you

Brooklyn and Nicola agreed on their romance, but Nicola said that their relationship is going steady. It's great about us that we don't need anything from each other. Were so in love. Ive always said to my wife, we should actually do a reality television show, because she's so funny.

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