Marcus Mumford claims to have been sexually assaulted as a 6-year-old child

Marcus Mumford claims to have been sexually assaulted as a 6-year-old child ...

When Marcus Mumford was six years old, he was sexually abused.

In an interview with GQ on Wednesday, the singer, 35, stated that his abuser was not in his family nor in the church.

Eleanor Mumford, the former Mumford & Sons member's mother, learned of the experience in a fking song, and added the single Cannibal from his upcoming Self-Titled album on September 16.

I can still taste you and I hate it / That was not a choice in mind of a child and you knew it.

Eleanor asked her son what she was reading the tune, and said, "Oh, yeah, it's about abuse."

Marcus explained that once we recover from her as a mother, hearing that and her desire to protect and assist and all of that stuff, it's objectively fking hilarious.

The recording producer told the outlet that his second album, Grace, reveals the effects of abuse.

When I was under the age of 12, that thing happened when I was 6, it was the first of a slew of incredibly unnatural sexual experiences at a really early age, according to the author. [I did a] string of very unfavorable shit, which shook my head up in an effort to deal with things later on in life in a different way.

So the last three years have just tried to focus on that and to find some compromise, according to Marcus.

The musician confessed that he has never been a victim of sexual assault himself and cannot really comprehend why, even if he has performed his fair share of ctish behavior.

In April 2012, Marcus married Carey Mulligan, and has two children with Evelyn, a 37-year-old actress daughter, and his five-year-old son Wilfred.

While the songwriter is well-known for his role as the leading Mumford & Sons executive, Page Six claimed his intentions to go solo in June.

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