Jennette McCurdy defends her titling book Im Glad My Mom died: I mean it sincerely

Jennette McCurdy defends her titling book Im Glad My Mom died: I mean it sincerely ...

Jennette McCurdy, who claims to have suffered head injuries from her late mother, is standing by her decision to release her memoir Im Glad My Mom died.

I get that the content is important, but it's also something that I mean sincerely, according to the author during an interview on Good Morning America on Wednesday.

The 30-year-old iCarly alum explained that she didn't use the title in a wrong way and believes that individuals who have also been abused will understand what she's trying to convey.

While the response might be divided, I really appreciate the positive feedback received from a lot of people, according to a lady.

I think that anyone who has experienced parental abuse understands this title, and that anybody who has a sense of humor knows this title.

McCurdy added that she is not so concerned with anyone else's opinions, noting that this book is not for them.

McCurdy admitted that at some times she still misses her mom who died in 2013 from cancer. She conceded that she would not have written her memoir if her mother was still alive because she would still have her identity dictated by her.

My grief for me towards my mother anthems was a lot of complicated. Id feel angry and confused about why I felt angry about her being grieving her, according to McCurdy.

I felt like she wasn't paying my tears and my sadness because she was aggressive, but it simplified in a really careless manner and now feels like she can just miss her. I believe this is only possible because of the healing that started through the writing of the book.

McCurdy reveals how her mother allegedly acted while she was growing up and during her rise to fame while staring in iCarly and the spinoff series, Sam & Cat.

As my mom and I prepare for the next day, I begin shrinking by the week. We keep up counting our calories every night and plan our meals for the next day. I have the smart idea that if I only eat half my food, I will only receive half the calories, which means that I will shrink twice as quickly, according to McCurdy.

Each Sunday, she weighs me and measures my thighs with a measuring tape. After a few weeks of our diet routine, she provides me with a stack of supplements that I finish promptly I weigh myself five times a day.

McCurdy claimed that when a doctor said she had anorexia, her mother denied knowing about any foods habits. She also claimed that her weight was so low that she was using a booster seat in the automobile at the age of 14.

The actress also said that her mother would bathe her every time she needed to shower and conduct a breast and front buttexam, adding that when she was 16 years old, her mother would even shave her daughters legs.

She says she wants to ensure I don't have any strange lumps or bumps because those may be cancer. I say okay because I absolutely do not want cancer, and since Moms had it and everything, she would know if she does.

When moms complete the exams, I usually use only to think of Disneyland. By the time the exams are done, a massive wave of relief spreads over my entire body, and I usually realize that this is the first time I have felt my body since the exam started.

McCurdy added that when she started to become famous, her mother began resenting her.

I wanted her to have this. I wanted her to be happy, she wrote.

I realize that she is happy and im not. Her happiness came at the cost of mine. I feel robbed and exploited. Sometimes I look at her and I just hate her. And then I hate myself for seeing that.

McCurdy recalled the time her mother discovered out that she had started dating but was not yet sexually active. In her book, she claimed that her mother was verbally abusive, calling her a FILTHY LITTLE LYING WE, and nothing more than a little ST, a FLOOZY, all USED UP.

McCurdy claims that her mother also lied to her about her biological father after her mother died, but that her eating disorder has continued.

My mom abused me in ways that will forever impact me. She gave me breast and vaginal exams until I was 17, she pushed me into a career I didn't want. She taught me an eating disorder when I was 11 years old an eating disorder that robbed me of my joy and all of my self-doubt. She never told me my father was not my father, according to McCurdy.

My death left me with more questions than answers, more pain than healing, and many layers of grief the initial grief from her passing, then the grief of accepting her abuse and exploitation of me, and finally, the grief that arises when I miss her and start to cry because I still miss her and begin to cry.

McCurdy has a shady relationship with her mother, and claims she was offered $300,000 in hush funds to not publicly discuss her Nickelodeon tenure.

Awarded her praise to Ariana Grande, her former co-star.

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