Jane Lynch: Lea Michele's absence from Funny Girl has nothing to do with her leaving early

Jane Lynch: Lea Michele's absence from Funny Girl has nothing to do with her leaving early ...

Lea Michele still loves Jane Lynch.

The comedian said her early departure from Broadways Funny Girl has nothing to do with her former Glee co-stars casting.

I had a vacation on August 14, and then I had just like five shows after that, and it was a six-hour flight, so I thought, Lets put things aside,' Lynch, 62, told Playbill Tuesday of her decision to cancel the musical three weeks ahead of schedule.

She added that it has nothing to do with not wanting to see Lea. I text with Lea. She and I are fine.

Im so happy for her, and the host of Hollywood Game Night continued. I loved working with Beanie [Feldstein].

Lynch then doubled down, assuring fans, but there's no drama in the room. None.

Lynch started playing Mrs. Brice in the program in April, with her departure scheduled for September 4.

The alum of L Word told the Hollywood Reporter that Aug. 14 will be her last performance, but the news that Michele, 35, would take over for Feldstein.

My heart is filled with gratitude for Beanie Feldstein's fantastic company and our wonderful audiences for keeping theater alive! She said on Tuesday.

My friend Lea Michele will be able to light up the lights again.

On July 31, the Star of Booksmart stepped down sooner than predicted, instead of Sept. 25, according to a source. Page Six was told by a producer that she was basically fired.

Feldstein posted on Instagram last month that, when the production decided to go in another direction, she made the extremely difficult decision to leave.

When news of Michele's appointment was hampered on Instagram, the Scream Queens alum was so delighted to play this incredible cast and production and return to Broadway.

Michele began her Broadway career as a child actress, the last actor to appear in Spring Awakening in 2008.

Michele appeared in Glee from 2009 to 2015. Five years after the Fox series was finally wrapped, Michele was mocked by Samantha Marie Ware on set.

Michele apologise in 2020, putting it in part on Instagram, and I evidently acted in ways that drew a lot of damage to others.

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