Issey Miyake's most famous moments: the designers

Issey Miyake's most famous moments: the designers ...

Designer Issey Miyake, famous for his innovative delicate pleats, died at the age of 84.

On August 5, the Miyake Design office confirmed that the Japanese fashion icon passed away from liver cancer.

Miyakes' design philosophy was simple, but complicated, often taking one piece of cloth and folding it into origami-like pleats to create stunning organic patterns since the 1970s.

While he wore supermodels like Grace Jones, as well as current celebrities like Kim Kardashian until his death, Miyake is also known for sculpting Steve Jobs' iconic black turtlenecks.

Here are a few of the most famous celebrity moments from late designers.


The Beyonces 2014 music video for Mine featuring Drake included a slew of colorful, flowing fabrics, with the pop queen paired an angular bustier with a pleated veil.

Solange, you're going to be a rocker.

Solange Knowles was inspired by her older sister's creation of a series of interconnected dresses inspired by a 1999 Miyake design. In 1999, the Japanese designer had his last show depicting 23 people walking down the runway in one interconnected piece of fabric.

Mary-Kate Olsen

For the 2013 CFDA Fashion Awards, the Row designer chose a vintage gown that depicted all of Miyakes' designs.

Steve Jobs

According to Apple's founder, the story of Jobs' signature look begins in Japan when he visited Sony offices in Japan and liked the Miyake-inspired shoes. Despite the fact that the vests Jobs and Miyake imagined for the Cupertino employees didn't go over so well, the entrepreneur requested a personal outfit and received hundreds of black turtlenecks in return.

Robin Williams

Robin Williams, who wore a cargo bomber jacket from the fall/winter 1996 collection to the NYC premiere of Flubber in 1997, was a member of Miyakes' designs.

Grace Jones

Model Grace Jones was one of the most famous designers fans and acquaintances, having modeled in his movies multiple times, as well as worn his clothes out and about frequently in the 1980s and beyond.

Kim Kardashian Kardashian

In 2020, Miyakes' recent designs are equally as stunning as those from his beginnings.

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