Kevin Gates Resigns for Not Supporting Black Lives Matter

Kevin Gates Resigns for Not Supporting Black Lives Matter ...

Kevin Gates is no stranger to smuggling up uninteresting words. He recently caught a lot of flak for his remarks on the Black Lives Matter movement. Gates is keeping an eye on his comments and letting people know his reasons for doing so.

Gates discussed the movement in hisoff The Recordpodcast and revealed that he doesn't see color or race during an interview. Why did the Bad For Me rapper no longer feel like being a member of the culture?

Gates also managed to defend Stacey Dash, someone who was denied access owing to her political views that were wildly wrong.

Im talking about laying up under each other cars, then whipping by, boom boom, kill everybody in the carWe kill each other as soon as a white boy kills one of us, everybody goes to hoopin and hollerin, and all the old stupid-ass sh*t.

When you stand for something, you have to stand for it all the way, not half way. I said it before, and Ill say it again, and fuck who dont like that. What's worse than a n****? Another one.

They were like, Stacey Dash said, there shouldn't be no BET. Everybody should be Americans. And I was like, if she said that, then I feel like I was comfortable with that because there are only two kinds of people in life: real people and fake people.

When he went on Instagram and posted a minute-long diatribe on why it wasnt appropriate to express social injustices against Black people because of Black-on-Black crime, Gates was the first to articulate his views about the movement in 2016.

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