G Herbo confronts a man who wants a fight

G Herbo confronts a man who wants a fight ...

G Herbohad received strong words for a man who recently answered a very unanswered question. It wasn't only his intentions, but it also provided a breathtaking viral video.

A TikTok videoposted byIcewithinmedia on Wednesday lighted a confrontation betweenHerbo and a guy who could have been quite physical. In the short video, an unidentified social media user approached the rapper with his camera rolling and asked, How badly would I take your ass?

Herboquickly responded with a verbal jab at the man. Nonetheless, he was holding his 3-year-old son, Yosohn, in his arms. My son will defeat your ass. F*ck you talkin bout, n****?

The unnamed user responded by asking, Who, him? Atthat point, Herbobe became much more apprehensive as the man who approached him was about to engage in a lot of trash talk about the rapperstoddler.

Say something, said Herbo as he turned back toward the person holding the camera. I want you to say something about my son. Right now,Herbohas revealed that his current girlfriend, Taina Williams,brought harm to the young boy. Back in April, when the mother of his son said that her father might have slammed him for any harm he had done.

You may watch the TikTok video here.

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