Rep. Eric Swalwell received racist voicemail

Rep. Eric Swalwell received racist voicemail ...

Eric Swalwell must be one of the most respectable congressmen in the Democratic Party. Despite the fact that aggressive behavior from voters isn't appropriate, and it doesn't matter about political affiliation.

Swalwell received a hateful, racist, homophobic voicemail from a suspected Trump fanatic who pled for beheading of him, his wife, and his kids. The TMZ version, a video of the abuse, which has been endorsed by the far right, following Donald Trump's raid on his neighbors this week.

When he left Vice PresidentHarris' name, that person was nothing more than a racially motivated man, and the insult against a variety of other Democrats, including the president and the Speaker of the House. The San Francisco Rep. Posted a voicemail on his Twitter accounts.

LISTEN TO this death threat against my children. Trump, McCarthy, and MAGA Republicans are stoking violent rhetoric against lawmakers and law enforcement. Someone is going to die.

The Democrat spoke with MSNBC about how violent right-wing Republicans have become, especially with social media. Not going to improve anytime soon.

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