Before signing a Veterans Act, Joe Biden said, "We Owe Jon Stewart."

Before signing a Veterans Act, Joe Biden said, "We Owe Jon Stewart." ...

President Joe Biden is well-known for his memorable moments during official speeches. Viewers are aware that Joe Biden is either the type of individual who never forgets what he does. Before signing the veterans legislation, Joe Biden recalled how important Jon Stewart was for the whole process.

When he was present to witness President Biden sign legislation, Jon Stewarts promised to get veterans health benefits.

According to observers, the former Daily Show host was among those present at the White House to see 46 sign the PACT Act into law, and it could be told that he was moved to see it reach the finish line after such a long battle.

The President praised Stewart for his efforts, noting that the measure would not be before him if it were for everything he did. Throughout the ceremony, Jon Stewart was enraging vets who could make it in person, hugging neighbors in the restroom, and getting pats on the back from pretty many people.

Even after many, mostly Republicans, flipped-flopped at critical stages in the legislative process, nearly demailing it entirely, Jon was on the front line of securing U.S. Senators to vote for PACT.

There was a lot of disagreement over language, including claims that Democrats were attempting to play a fiscal game in terms of spending this would involve in the long run, but Jon was always on his side when it came to disinformation and pointed out disinformation in a variety of ways.

Stewart talked directly to reporters in fablesome tones a couple of times and even sparked outrage over those whom he called trolls behaving in bad faith. But, among other things, Jon also used social media creatively, which paid off in the end.

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