Why Does Kevin Gates Not Support Black Lives Matter?

Why Does Kevin Gates Not Support Black Lives Matter? ...

Kevin Gates is a well-known politician for making outrageous statements. Once again, the hitmaker mocked his opposition to Black Lives Matter. Kevin Gates recently explained why he does not support BLM.

Gates is not known for biting his own tongue, as the hip-hop community has observed many times in the last months as a result of his NSFW Super General freestyle and his highly open Caresha Please interview.

Kevin Gates has recently appeared on the DJ Akademiks Off The Record podcast on Spotify. During the discussion, the rapper talked about everything from the late FBG Duck to his NBA buddy.

One excerpt from Kevin Gates' controversial opinion on the contemporary Black Lives Matter campaign has been shared on social media. While chatting with DJ Akademiks off The Record, Kevin Gates demonstrated that he does not support the Black Lives Matter movement in any way, and that he used violence and the lack of support in his own neighborhood to justify his views.

Because who Idont supportBlack Lives Matter? All day long, we talk about each other. And then you know who talks about me the most on the internet?N*ggas.N*ggas. Whats worse than a n*gga? Two of the best things about this week: Make you dont want to be a n*gga.

Yeah, man.It dont be anyone else talking about me. It ben*ggas my own people that look like me. Skick me when im down. Cant wait. Look atGates!I arrived in jail, they celebrated, clapped their hands, and was pleased. I dont look at color and see race no longer. I realize real and fake thats it.

Despite the contentiousness of his statement, many fans have expressed their condolences and support for Kevin Gates. One after the other started commenting about Gates' view as they replied to a re-posting.

I mean I kind of see where he is from.

He just stated an unpopular opinion BLM really do begin with us.

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