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HNRC Projects Earnings Strong Third Quarter Earned

HNRC Projects Earnings Strong Third Quarter Earned

Houston Natural Resources Corp. (OTC: HNRC) announced today it expects to report strong results for the quarter ending September 30, 2021.

The company's net assets have increased by more than 100 percent to $73,446,688 in the last three years. The company's net asset value is $4,76 per share for the period ending June 3021. The company intends to continue to acquire additional assets over the next three years.

The company's revenues have increased by more than 1500% to $7,61434 over the last six months from the previous year, and the net income has increased to 4,006,260 more.

The company expects its third quarter earnings to surpass current projections.

In addition, the Company's subsidiary Houston Natural Resources, Inc. ("HNRI") has independently appraised a value of $69,000,000 in proven reserves valued at $4,47 per share.

HNRI acquired approximately 2800 acres of oil and gas leases located in the Halff Oil Field in Crockett County. The company's subsidiary HNR Oil Services, LLC is currently reviewing the possible acquisition of oil and gas properties and is considering further acquisitions of its producing properties of crude oil, gas and oil respectively. The company delivered new equipment to double capacity in the fourth quarter of the water treatment facility. HNR Oil Services LLC appraises $7,600,000 in equipment and permits valued at a $0.49 per share.

The Company intends to focus on the acquisition of the total value of $9.67 per share in shares held by its subsidiaries in the benefit of shareholders. The strategy may include asset sales, a spin-off of one or more of its subsidiaries and dividends to shareholders.

HNRC is a diversified holding company that has two subsidiaries, Houston Natural Resources, Inc. and Worldwide Diversified Holdings Inc ("WDHI"). HNRI owns oil and gas and a wastewater treatment plant. WDHI has business operations that provide product and service in the Information Technology and Healthcare market. HNRC anticipates a major exchange to join OTCQX. The company is preparing a SEC filing to become sEC reporting company.

About Houston Natural Resources Corp. About a Natural Resource Corp of Houston, Texas.

Houston Natural Resources Corp ( (OTC:HNRC). The Company is committed to increasing shareholder value through developing natural resources, along with innovative technologies that support sustainable environmental services such as toxic oil field waste disposal and recycling, that are environmentally safe and socially responsible.

About Worldwide Diversified Holdings, Inc.

Worldwide Diversified Holdings, Inc. ( The company is diversified holding company with business operations and investments. Portfolio companies include investments in information technology and healthcare.


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