Pete Davidson is in therapy with Kim Kardashian

Pete Davidson is in therapy with Kim Kardashian ...

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson were an ideal couple, but they both separated up and surprised fans. There are several issues surrounding this separation, and Kanye Wests' influence is implicated in these issues, which is why Pete is currently in intensive care.

According to Page Six, Kim Kardashian is wildly supportive of Pete Davidson's choice to seek treatment after being bullied by Kanye West, her ex-husband. West has been mocking Davidson online, even giving him the nickname Skete.

When Kim and the King of Staten Island star separated last week, West issued a phony paper cover declaring Sketes' death. Kim quickly called him to delete the post. According to a source, Kim was excessively supportive of Petes' participation in the therapy, and even Davidson received death threats from Wests supporters. This is why he was in trauma therapy in April.

Kim was very patient about Pete going to therapy.

Kanye was very dissatisfied. He was posting negative statements. Now, thousands and thousands of comments are made. Someone needs to collaborate with you to deal with something like that.

The use of death threats from [Kanyes] fans and all the negative attention online isn't good for the average person, yet add someone who's struggled with mental illness, and it's even worse.

Davidson has always been open about his mental health problems. In 2018, he sparked outrage when he posted an update on Instagram. Interestingly, he applauded West, who has publicly dealt with mental health issues, for being upfront about them.

I really don't want to be on this earth anymore. I really do not know how long i can last. All I've ever attempted was assist people.

Bravo Kanye West for hedging yourself and speaking out against mental health.

I can't explain to you enough how challenging and problematic it is to be honest about things like this. We need people like Kanye.

West reacted by posting on Instagram about Davidson's fatal death, which insiders claimed was livid and completely distraught. According to Davidson, he has not publicly responded to the post, but said Kardashian was fed up with Wests abuse.

According to the second source, Davidson is still in rehab, but is focused on his film. The distance from the public eye has been pretty good in a way.

Despite the rapper's impact on Davidsons' health, sources claim that West did not result in his divorce from Kardashian. According to many reports, the breakup was caused by distance and schedules. A third source described the breakup as clean and amicable as it could be. The couple said it was able to maintain their relationship but this didn't happen.

As much as they both wanted to ensure the relationship flowed smoothly and enjoyed seeing each other when they were able to arrive, they realized that it might be months at a time when they could see each other, so they decided it's best to be friends.

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