Rick Ross is looking for someone to feed his Lions

Rick Ross is looking for someone to feed his Lions ...

Rick Ross is a well-known hip-hop singer and is among the wealthiest. Fans will be amazed, yet perhaps not surprised, to learn that Rick Ross intends to export more animals to his Promise Land. Rick Ross now requires someone to feed his lion cubs when he gets home.

Rick Ross publicly disclosed to his Instagram followers in May that he was interested in bringing some pet cats to his Georgia estate, The Promise Land, but the animals he has on the way are far larger than the typical four-legged pets he keeps at home.

The rapper went to social media to ask his 15.6 million followers for assistance in coping with the lion cubs he will be joining him soon. Rick captioned two videos of his babies, requesting individuals who could look after his lions.

Im looking for someone to feed both of my CUBS once they were delivered from SENEGAL.

Despite remarking to Rick Ross, a zookeeper is seen lavishing love and devotion on the animals.

Rick Ross, today I am with your baby cat. They are ready. You can see them here in Senegal, West Africa. Rick Ross, they are very kind of person.

The second video uploaded in the spring was first shared when he teased the notion of bringing some big cats home to his collection. At the time, my pet cats were ready to come home, implying that #ThePromiseLandZoo might be discovered at his estate in the future.

Ross has organised his first ever auto show at The Promise Land, which included a fire truck, a tank, and a vehicle that was detailed in Louis Vuitton.

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