Case of the Bills Quarterback Keenam calls himself a "Focusor" to Prank Josh Allen

Case of the Bills Quarterback Keenam calls himself a "Focusor" to Prank Josh Allen ...

Case Keenum is in his tenth training camp, and the veteran quarterback knows the value of a good prank during camp's dog days! It's always a good thing!

As they prepare for the start of the season, the backup quarterback of the Bills enjoyed a little fun on the expense of his teammates, dressing up as a fan, and approaching the players for autographs. That's okay, though.

In a video on the Bills social media page, I'm going to see how many autographs I can get from my teammates.

Keenum seemed to be kind enough to resemble a Bills fan by wearing a shirt, sunglasses, and a tan bucket hat. He was able to grab a few autographs, which he found so excellent, that he nearly got a huge shoutout fromIsaiah McKenzietwice.

The disguise was so good, that Keenum was to be kicked out by a security guard who claimed that he was in an area he wasn't permitted. The big draw was when star QBJosh Allen approached Keenum's request for a signature.

Josh, Josh, Josh, and Keenum shouted as the 6-foot-5, 238-pound quarterback arrived from the tunnel. Ay, youre my favorite player, man. Keenum said, she was loving him. Josh, he continued as he handed the Bills signaler a marker to sign his football.

Allen recognized that Keenum was the same. The two exchanged laughs and laughs about everything, with Allen jokingly chuckling his fellow quarterback. Case Keenum is the greatest cheat in the NFL, and he should have his own hall of fame.

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