During the pandemic, the Donald Trump flag was duct-taped up inside the WWE production truck

During the pandemic, the Donald Trump flag was duct-taped up inside the WWE production truck ...

These days, WWE does not get political because they do not want to offend consumers worldwide, especially because the McMahon family is friendly with President Donald Trump. While behind the scenes, it may be different.

Sean Sapp, the creator of Fighfuls paywall, has gotten a big story about WWE producer Kevin Dunn. This one involves a Trump 2020 flag and duct tape on the company's production during the ThunderDome era when Covid-19 was raging around the globe.

The Tropicana Field ThunderDome was uncovered during constant reductions, but one talent said it was just a day that reminded them that the talent didn't matter to the higher ups. Were informed that the flag was not used in December 2020, and that Dunn himself was left out of work for several weeks to start 2021.

One source who aided in confirming the news said that the promotional made by Vince McMahon, which claimed that WWE did not do politics, frustrated them after seeing this on a production truck.

There is no way of knowing who put the flag up, but nobody took it down. It is also possible that Vince McMahon didnt even know when the flag was there.

One talent we spoke to said they would bet that Vince McMahon didnt know this happened. Another said that during that time, Vince McMahon would often be present in his office throughout the day when he was there, though most were skeptical that McMahon would have wanted this as a part of the backstage situation. There were also sources that said that Dunn had established his political beliefs in their presence, which Vince McMahon would generally discourage.

Being political on the job is not professional. It does not matter if you are liberal, Conservative, or Independent. Although, displaying a flag to demonstrate your loyalty is never a good idea for a publicly traded company. Hopefully, no additional actions like this will happen in the future.

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