Marshawn Lynch has been accused of DUI

Marshawn Lynch has been accused of DUI ...

It appears that we cant go a couple of days without a professional athlete getting in touch with the law. Now we have another name to add as ex NFL player Marshawn Lynch was arrested for DUI.

TMZ claims that the former player was arrested on Tuesday in Las Vegas on DUI charges. It was not known what his BAC was at the time of his arrest.

On Tuesday morning, the 36-year-old player was pulled over on Fairfield Avenue and West Utah Avenue at 7:25 am. He was driving into curbs and on the side of the road before being pulled over.

After talking with Lynch, police believe he was driving under the influence and was taken to jail.

Lynch was not invited to a breathalyzer, but was told he had his blood drawn. We are uncertain if he has been released as of this writing.

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