Bluefaces' Mama Advocacy Awakens Chrisean Rock Over Prostitution Rumors

Bluefaces' Mama Advocacy Awakens Chrisean Rock Over Prostitution Rumors ...

Blueface and Chrisean Rock haven't always had the best of connections. They both negotiated out in a variety of ways, but Chrisean is not on good terms with Bluefacs mother, as the two often squabble together.

Blueface and his mother were caught off guard by an unintentional Monday morning. According to Karlissa Safford, the rapper's mother, the rapper was allegedly pinning Chrisean Rock, which he later denied.

None my mother claims to be true. I dont even know that lady anymore. she just wants to be known to get her hair done for free. she aint even aloud to see her grandkids cuz she lost herself to instagram, and no one wants to be ina tie with her.

Rock has now weighed in on the situation, only days after Blueface presented Jaidyn Alexis with a new chain. Chrisean accused Safford of being unconcerned about his son. She reinforced Blueface's claim that his mother is just looking for a makeover on social media rather than attempting to assist her son.

Eachbody folded on a real one. Hes difficult to heal cuz of you you supposed to be da mova but instead u became a stranger yall pride got in yall way you didn't know how stay genuine if I wasnt solid I would have been gone. He wasn't even showing how bad his drama hurts him he really wakes up n provide as a person in his life he loves. This is how we can use it again fr.

This shit funny, givin a bitch a chain. If I take myself out of this situation, I will no doubt have to deal with this story.

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