Loki, WandaVision, and What If Reveals These 7 Marvel Legends Toys

Loki, WandaVision, and What If Reveals These 7 Marvel Legends Toys ...

The MCU has opened a tense gap between the two. No longer is Marvel Studios limited by the number of films they can launch in a year. Throughout its films as well as its content, the MCU can now tell tales, both standalone and ongoing.

When it comes to setting up the storyline forDoctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness,WandaVision performed a lot of work. Not to mention that The Falcon and the Winter provided a lot of planning for the nextCaptain America: New World Order, namely by making Sam Wilson the new captain.

Hasbro has always been one of the world's largest producing lines of Marvel characters in action figures, but is in fact the most prolific when it comes to their character choices and the sheer volume of production. The MCU films and series are always well-taken care by the Rhode Island-based toys company, as they're always announcing new features featuring characters from Marvel Studios' various projects.

A Brand New Selection of Marvel Legends from Marvel Studios

During a YouTube livestream, Hasbro unveiled eight all-new figures in their six-inch scale Marvel Legends action figures. All of these figures are of characters that have appeared on the various Disney+ movies. This is also the fourth wave of figures to be released based on the streaming shows.

First up, "You're out of luck until you've gone duck." That's right, it's Howard the Duck, based on his Marvel'sWhat If...?Even though the figure itself skews somewhat cartoony in its shape, it might probably still be used into a live-action-themed display. 'Nuff said.

The Red Skull, aka the fearsome Hydra leader, has been created in Marvel Legends before, but this version is derived from his appearance in What If...?Episode One, a pre-encounter with the tentacle monster, however.

Zombie Iron Man, again fromWhatIf...?The figure comes with a gnarly-looking zombified headsculpt and two attachable repulse blasts for his hands.

TheWhat If...?releases from this wave, it's Zombie Scarlet Witch. This style of Hasbro, however, is eye-catching, with her brunette locks looking particularly hard to manage. Must be the humidity.

Jimmy Woo, the most famous FBI agent in the United Kingdom! His lessons with the Online Close-Up Magic University gave him some hope, and the figure comes packed with a hand holding his business card to commemorate his accomplishment.

This particular shape has a certain purpose: to stand tall and proud on collectors' shelves. The Classic Loki figure features a PhotoReal similarity to actor Richard E. Grant and some wonderful effects pieces that fit on his hands. Loki is now classic.

The actual wave and sand Build-a-Figure is He who who died in Johnathan Majors' Season 1 teaser. He comes with a unique twist: The apple he was working on in the Season 1 finale ofLoki. And if you think this figure is cool, then you may purchase his Variants.

Khonshu, the only other Egpytian Moon god, is the build-a-figure for this wave. He is not able to turn collectors into his avatar nor is he capable to use manipulative phrases in voice of F. Murray Abraham, but this taller-than-average action figure should look fantastic and imposing on the shelf.

Hasbro always have MCU figures cooking.

With so many MCU resources right now, it's forgivable on Hasbro's part to be a bit behind with delivering figures based on fans' favourite characters. Many have been clamoring for a Darcy Lewis or Agatha. Harkness fromWandaVisionor a Wilson Fisk fromHawkeye. But don't worry, because they're always working on something.

They haven't yet released the thirdwave of Disney+ figures. It has been going up for prte-order in dribs and drabs all year long. But it should be worth the wait, considering how she includes sharp-looking She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel, and Moon Knight among others.

Wave four will be out sometime in early 2023, with wave three expected to drop relatively soon, although none of the figures have yet been available on store shelves.Fans and collectors alike will have to be patient for a while.

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