Under these conditions, Oscar Isaac will return to the Star Wars

Under these conditions, Oscar Isaac will return to the Star Wars ...

Oscar Isaac's trio of dazzling roles in Marvel Studios' Moon Knight on Disney+ have seen a tremendous revival in 2022. On top of that, he has already built a history with Disney in a different fan-favorite scene, playing Poe Dameron in all three Star Wars movies from 2015 to 2019.

Isaac was last seen in 2019's Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker, assisting the Resistance in defeating the revived Emperor Palpatine as he joined Rey and Finn. The Skywalker Saga has been left in the rearview mirror, although it may still be released at some point.

Isaac has discussed whether or not to return to his role in the past, although it would imply that John Boyega and Daisy Ridley would return to Finn and Rey as well. He's now revisited that topic as he examines what it takes to make him back to this expansive world.

Oscar Isaac is on the lookout for a Star Wars comeback.

Oscar Isaac, a Star Wars actor, spoke about returning to Poe Dameron in the near future in an interview on Sirius XM, and how much it took for him to return.

Isaac told Jess Cagle that he wasn't going one way or another with that decision, but if he was approached with a "great story with a great director," then he might be interested. He also discussed how difficult it is to have time to do projects such as, but he's "open to it" if something arises:

Cagle: And with everything going with Star Wars, for example Im sure there are discussions, whether youre part of them or not Do you often think, Oh, I will probably get to Poe Dameron at some point, or do you believe Ive done that. Im not that interested in doing it. You know, the option is probably always there.

Isaac: Hmm, I dont know. I mean, you never know. But yeah, there is no I have no real sense of one way or the other, you know? Times the one thing that becomes much more complicated as you get older, with kids and everything. Its like, when you see what you get it, or if you saw something before, and you knew what you should do it. If you had a great story and Kathy [Kennedy], you knew, then you'd be extremely thankful for it.

When asked what fans are asking him about the most, Isaac recalled how Denmark's kids wouldask him about Star Wars yearly:

Cagle: When you travel around the world, like youre in Denmark right now, what do people ask you the most about? Because you have been involved in these vast global franchises. Is it Star Wars or is it

Isaac: So im up here in this small village up here and they had this very very very small music festival down here. It was shockingly very young kids who were there. I was like, Whoa. But no, it was like a couple of times people would just be like, Star Wars. They would just yell Star Wars at me.

According to Isaac, fans overseas are quite interested in the big tentpole projects he's involved, including both Star Wars and Moon Knight:

Cagle: That's fantastic. What do you say to them?

Isaac: It felt great. It felt really good. So yeah, that happened here. I think Star Wars is generally. Moon Knight, a bit more. You know, those are the bigger ones. These are the bigger tent projects, so those are.

Isaac is open to reunification in Star Wars.

Given the depths Disney is diving into streaming programming with the upcoming Star Wars: Andor release, it may be some time until Poe Dameron's era of adventures will be revisited. But even with the negative reception to his lastcouple of movies, he hasn't shut the door completely on reprising his role as the marauding galactic pirate.

Isaac has long been a fan of Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser before his opening, even though he'll be reviewing his work as Marvel Studios' Moon Knight along with his other films, but he'd welcome the opportunity with open arms.

All three of Oscar Isaac's Star Wars movies are available on Disney+, as well as all six episodes of Moon Knight.

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