Every Episode of Star Wars: Andor has been released. It's Officially Announced

Every Episode of Star Wars: Andor has been released. It's Officially Announced ...

The next Andor series will undoubtedly be one of the most rewarding Star Wars affairs. Why is it that the plot is meticulously hidden away. After the project even included a 12-episode Season 2, it appeared to be absolutely confident in its launch.

One aspect of the show that is dominated by the producer's characters is the scope of the series. An Andor producer revealed how the series varied in three episodes, with each section having its own director.

Another feature of Andor that stands out amongst the pack is that [they] didn't use StageCraft at all, which is the famous LED wall created famous by The Mandalorian. This is key to giving the series a unique and warm feeling.

While the series was recently postponed a few weeks, Lucasfilm wanted to sway fans by dropping three new episodes on day one. Now the studiohas revealed the release date for the rest of Season 1.

All 12 Andor Episodes have their release dates.

Every episode of Disney's upcomingStar Wars seriesAndoron Twitter has been officially released. After the first three episodes will be available on Wednesday, September 21, there will be one episode per week over the following nine weeks.

The first dates for the film are revealed as follows:

The correct graph can be seen below.

Andor is the last person to live here for the long haul.

In fact, Andor will hold the record for the longest live-action season until Marvel'sDaredevil: Born Again will be available in 2024. While roles like Obi-Wan Kenobi were came and went, Andor will be a part of the pop culture conversation for months.

Hopefully, it will be able to meet expectations set for itself. When the show was first revealed, many were confused about why the character was getting his own. Now is the time to experience why Lucasfilm made the call.

Andor, unlike The Mandalorian, who is still going strong with its third season set to air next year, has already an end date. In fact, season two will conclude its run with that last episode leading right into Rogue One, where Cassian Andor meets his end saving the galaxy.

On Wednesday, September 21, Andor will fly to Disney+.

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