Halle Bailey of Disney Responds to MCU X-Men Casting Claims

Halle Bailey of Disney Responds to MCU X-Men Casting Claims ...

During Marvel's end, Kamala Khan was revealed to be the MCU's firstmutant. So, are the X-Men just around the corner?

That's certainly the topic on most fans' minds. The episode gave the MCU its first mention of a mutation, and that's no small feat.

People who expect Mutants to arrive early may be dissatisfied with the fact that Marvel Studios may not be legally permitted to do so until 2025, which is the first phase of six.

Even with that information there, fans have continued fan-casting.

Halle Bailey Makes a Marvel Statement

The X-Men craze is on everyone's mind, and its left actors have begun to dodge fan-casting and runaway rumors. This time, Halle Bailey has been given the lead in the upcoming live-action adaptation of The Little Mermaid.

According to Variety, Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat) will be played by Halle Bailey in the upcoming X-Men film.

Despite the fact that a random tweet from someone on Twitter may do nothing, it somehow sparked the attention of the actress herself. Bailey decided she needed to conceal misinformation in the bud: this isn't true.

Halle Bailey supporters, please accept that the future will have some exciting news, although it isn't quite here.

Fever in the X-Men Casting

While it's uplifting to see that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is becoming closer to the Mutants, fans should keep an eye on false fan-castings. No matter what topic the viewer is, misinformation is never beneficial.

Kitty Pryde will likely be one of the major members of the team when it comes time to get the X-Men on the MCU. She's a fan-favorite mutant and could be the perfect gateway for audiences into this new world.

Bailey is somewhat unknown to the world, but odds are that when her next Disney+ film hits, shell leaps to the top of many cast predictions. With how many roles will need to be filled,there willmore than likely be a spot she might fit in perfectly.

No live-action projects for the X-Men 97 series are currently planned, but enthusiasts may watch the animated X-Men 97 series at some point next year on Disney+.

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