Natural Disaster Plot Revealed in New Aquaman 2 Scene Details

Natural Disaster Plot Revealed in New Aquaman 2 Scene Details ...

While the world is currently focusing on The Flash and Batgirl's DCEU adventures, why not take a look back and watch one of the upcoming DC Comics films that look to have had the least effect: Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom? Sure, there is the Amber Heard controversy and the possibility of replacing Michael Keaton, but the upcoming sequel tries to be smooth sailing.

What else is known about the plot of the films? Well, not much. One large rumor indicates Mera is set to have a child, while previous reports suggest that Black Manta would be returning to give Arthur Curry some difficultiesas the movie's main protagonist is expected.

Patrick Wilsons Orm will be out and looks a little rough around the edges.

Now, owing to an interview with the lead actress, fans appear to have a fresh scoop of information about what they can anticipate in the future blockbuster.

New Aquaman 2lot Details Have Been Revealed

In an interview with GQ Magazine, actor Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom starJason Mamoa reveals his upcoming film, as well as new plot details.

The actor noted that [they] strive to convey a positive message and how it is amazing to be able to make informed about what is happening to our planet:

These super-domestic movies dominate our market, and I am sure that because I love cinema, we strive to convey a positive message and embark on an adventure Aquaman is the world's most completely free-of superhero. However, it's amazing to be able to instill awareness about what's happening right now, not in a fantasy world.

Mamoa revealed that his next excursion is quite funnier than the first and explained how "they] get to speed up what will happen to this Earth, and it's not due to aliens.

A scene in the sequel where Arthur Curry makes a remarkable speech to the United Nations, warning them of a natural disaster just around the corner. While at their Ocean Conference this past June in Lisbon, Mamoa and his family also addressed the United Nations.

He admitted that it made [him] feel so appreciative seeing [his family] speak for themselves and take this shocking moment in:

It made me feel so happy seeing [his family] speak for themselves and take this precious moment in Im not as young as I was. Its frightening seeing kids and knowing what will happen to our planet if we don't change it right now.

The DCEU is experiencing a natural disaster.

It makes sense that a large plot point of the film to focus on environmental activism is based on. His main obligation is to his neighbors and the oceans as a whole, so these kinds of themes and messages fit in.

Whatever the natural disaster in Lost Kingdom, chances are it was made or accelerated by Black Manta. The villain is apprehensive about the Justice League members, and anger can make people act foolishly, as long as it puts the entire planet at jeopardy.

Though this natural disaster is more related to a bigger threat than just Black Manta. Perhaps it is related to something much larger, like Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Fans will have to wait to see what happens, while also hoping that Warner Bros. CEO David Zaslav won't blow anything else up.

On March 17, 2023, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will be available in theaters.

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