Ezra Miller, filmmaker of The Flashs, movies and scenes from the arrests

Ezra Miller, filmmaker of The Flashs, movies and scenes from the arrests ...

Fans have probably had enough of hearing about the DCEU-styled drama. Sure, Marvel Studios is dealing with some much-deserved pushback regarding its treatment of VFX employees, but Warner Bros. is getting hitfrom all sides. Amber Heards legal issues, Ray Fishers public tantrum, the cancellation of Batgirl, and even a consistently recurringone with The Flash'sEzra Miller's insane antics.

The star is set to lead The Flash next year, but the fate of their film has long been in question. They have come a long way from killing a fan at a pub, now having issues including public intoxication, death threats, paranoia, accused cults, and, most recently, a felony burglary.

While the felony for deporting alcohol from a house just days ago, the majority of the controversies took place in the spring of 2022, when they were detained multiple times.

Given all of those examples, Warner Bros. might be attempting its best to work with Miller as little as possible in hopes of remaining able to film one day. In fact, the studio had the actor in for more shooting after many of the Millers allegations had already been heard.

Miller's arrests didn't last long.

The Flash star said that he participated regularly in preparing additional photography for the production over the summer, namely towards the end of May. This was followed by previous legal shenanigansand subsequent arrests, not including the recent felony burglary.

The studio has yet to decide whether the release date for The Flashs will be changed again or whether it will be used as a streaming service.

Will the Flash ever see the light of day?

If Warner Bros wants to keep going, then it's not a good idea. Especially after the big Batgirl cancellation and other substantial changes across the board, the studio should be doing everything it takes to make the appearance appearance.

Although they threw a chair at a 26-year-old woman and threatened to kill people at a karaoke bar, they should likely just start relying on film magic to complete the project, especially if the actor ends up being detained for longer.

Certain that if the studio wants to release The Flash, it must be a final film. Maybe the company had no other choice than to bring Millerin together so they might tie the final product.

One thing seems to be quite clear about pulling back and looking out from the outside. Millers may collaborate with Miller to finish the film or simply drop it, and consider the roughly $200 million investment a loss.

This is far from the last thing fans will encounter in terms of Millers' solo project's future. Hopefully, they will be able to at least see the light of day.

The Flash is expected to arrive in theaters on June 23, 2023.

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