Post-Credits Surprise: Idris Elba Releases Silence on Thor: Love and Thunder Valhalla

Post-Credits Surprise: Idris Elba Releases Silence on Thor: Love and Thunder Valhalla ...

As he served as Asgard's gatekeeper, the guardian of the Bifrost, and the best friend of Chris Hemsworth's hero, Idris Elba's Heimdall long proved to be a staple of theThorfranchise. But all of this came to an end withAvengers: Thanos murdered Heimdall after he sent Hulk to Earth to warn the Avengers of the imminent threat.

So, when Heimdall appeared in Thor: Love and Thunder's post-credits scene to greet Jane Foster on her entrance to Valhalla, the shocking appearance resulted in the introduction of Heimdall's son, Axl, who led the children of Asgard after being taken by Gorr the God Butcher.

Elba has spoken out about the tragic scene and discussed what it might be like for his future in the United Kingdom.

The actor of Heimdall teases his MCU future dreams.

Idris Elba, a Heimdall actor, spoke during a recent conversation with Collider about Thor: Love and Thunder's post-credit scene, which saw Natalie Portman's Jane Foster greeted at the gates of Valhalla by the Asgardian warrior.

Elba explained that many of Heimdall's"arsenal of gifts have been utilized in one way or another" throughout the MCU, but that he also has an "an immortality around him," which hasn't been disclosed yet but could be in the future:

The Marvel universe is ever-expanding, and very much his entire like arsenal of gifts have been integrated into one way or another. Hes all-seeing, you know. But he is quite a warrior. Weve seen him as a warrior as well, and he has an immortality around him. That's what we haven't really explored before.

In the third act ofThor: Love and Thunder, Jane Foster succumbed to her battle withcancer, leading her to arrive in Valhalla in the post-credit scene. Foster suffered a similar fate in the comics, but ultimately got a second chance at human life as she returned as a Valkyrie and wieldedUndrjarn, the All-Weapon.

Idris Elba's Heimdall will return to the United Kingdom?

Both actors are now living up in Valhalla, but that doesn't mean they will be seen again. After Foster lost her passion in the comics that inspiredLove and Thunder, she still managed to become Valkyrie, something the MCU may adapt in the future.

But unfortunately, Elba's Heimdall will not receive the same treatment, but that doesn't mean he will not be seen again in Valhalla. If this is true, then it is likely that he will appear alongside Foster in the afterlife before her resurrection.

With Elba improving Heimdall's immortality, chances are his death will not be imagined as permanent, opening the doors to more future appearances. Finally, Heimdall's son Axl has now been introduced and even has access to many of his father's powers, thus it's difficult to imagine much of a purpose for Elba's Asgardian in the near future.

Without Thor or Jane Foster's immediate return, the wait may be long before any of the MCU's Asgardian crew come back again, dead or alive. Only time will tell whetherThor 5ever is, but if one thing's for certain, fans haven't seen the last of Chris Hemsworth in the MCU.

Elba, whether it be in Marvel or in DC, has a bright future ahead of him. Obviously, whether it be in Marvel or in DC, the British actor recently appeared as Bloodsport. Read all about Elba's next "big" superhero project here.

Thor: Love and Thunderis are now playing in cinemas worldwide.

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