The following are 18 DC Superhero movies that the US should include in its future 10-year plan

The following are 18 DC Superhero movies that the US should include in its future 10-year plan ...

Warner Bros. Discovery has a lot of work to do when it comes to their DC strategy going forward. After the studio recently canceled the upcomingBatgirlfilm, WB announced they are ready to review the DCEU.

The studio has revealed that it is in the middle of developing a team with a ten-year strategy focused on DC, with Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav saying that the property is at the top of the list, but this is not the first strategy shift that has occurred for the franchise. Directors are forced out, stars ask to leave, and big names are tied up with the law.

For every move Warner has chosen to make for the DCEU, they have been forced to make as many as possible due to external forces. However, withThe Flashcoming next year, a supposed reset point is on the horizon.

So, with a ten-year plan that looks Marvelesque, here's how Warner Bros. Discovery should proceed with their big screen projects in the DC world.

Superman: Krypton's Son, Son

The bread and butter for the WB should be in this case. This next era of the DCEU should begin with a brand-new Superman film. For this article, Superman: Son of Krypton would serve as a tone-setter for the next decade and more of the DCEU.

This is the foundation upon which to build this new take on the franchise.Son of Krypton would start again, get him to Metropolis, and then begin to deal with what it is like living as a god, but in a world of humans. A young Clark would take on a Superman staple in someone like General Zod (no, not Michael Shannon's version of the character). With the addition of Lex Luthor on the horizon, the film will be able to take on the origin again.

Wonder Woman: Rebirth

Wonder Woman would be next on the docket for this next DCEU phase. Rebuilding that DC Trinity should be vital to the WBs' super-powered strategy going forward.Wonder Woman: Rebirth would have ties to the old DCEU, but would also serve as a handing of the torch to this new and improved DCEU.

Rebirthwould see Gal Gadot return for her third solo film, but ends in her passing the baton onto the next iteration of the character. Unless Warner wants to move past Gal, Nubia would be introduced, according to the DC character. This Amazonian is a strong competitor to Diana in the comics, and it would be a fantastic candidate to take on the Wonder Woman mantle. Rebirth would be a celebration of Gadot's ability to play the character while also ushering

Beyond Batman, here's how to go.

Batman is the last and perhaps most confusing member of the Trinity to be introduced in this new DCEU. Many have demanded that the WB only bind in Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinsons' take on the Dark Knight into the greater universe. The one issue that would result in this tonal dissonance between the villainous take on Bruce Wayne seen inThe Batman and the hopeful, brighter world of this new DCEU.

This would allow forThe Batmanuniverse to progress on its own, while also having a separate Batman in the DCEU. With Keaton on board,Beyond would be the actor's send-off, while laying the foundations of this universes Gotham.

Aquaman: Underworld

According to David Zaslav, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and... Aquamanare all aspects of the DC calculation going forward for Warner Bros. So, anAquaman 3 feels inevitable. One direction the studio might go is telling anAquaman: Underworldstory. The fairly standalone "Underworld"comic run came shortly after the universe-altering Rebirth event and did a fantastic job of recontextualizing this character in the new canon.

Jason Mamoas Aquaman will perform exactly the jobUnderworld would do for him. This reset storyline would serve as a solid fish-out-of-water story where Momoas Atlantean comes to terms with living in a new planet while WB may recast him if they need. From this movie onwards, Momoas Aquaman would be able to play one of the players in the Justice League, falling into the role that Afflecks did in the 2017Just

The Flash: Born to Run

The sequel to Flash: Born to Run will feature a completely new Barry Allen, who would like to be introduced at the end of The Flash.

Barry in the DCEU should play very similar to Peter Parker in the MCU. He is a young, wet-behind-ears teenager, and the audience's conduit upon entering laterJustice Leaguefilms.Born to Runwould be a boots-on-the-ground origin tale and not much more, with the young hero getting the attention of Aquaman and Superman by the close.

The Birds of Prey and Black Canary

Black Canary and the Birds of Prey would not be a direct addition to the DCEU, instead of a commentary on the superhero genre as a whole. While it would be sweeping through WB's cinematic world, this new take on theBirds of Preyname would feel moreDeadpoolthanCaptain America, actively poking fun at the DCEU and comic book films across the board.

Nothing will give the DCEU an edge, but it will introduce characters that may eventually interact with the rest of the DC roster. This would be an opportunity to broaden the experiences that DC offers on the big screen, taking into account the success they have experienced with the animatedHarley Quinnseries, and bringing that tone to the movie theater.

Lantern in the Green Mountains

Green Lantern is a MUST for the new DCEU. While the studio tried it years ago, it is time to get back to that good and create something amazing. Hal Jordan is such an important character in the comics and serves as the perfect avatar to advance the vaster DC universe. And that is the aim this movie would take.

While not all-in on the intergalactic charm that exists in both Marvel and DC, this might be the first dip of the toe into the intergalactic. Yes, Hal would be in space at certain points, but this would generally still be a Earth-based film, leading right into the firstJustice Leaguemovie. Oh, and you should never forget to cast Glen Powell in the titular role!

Year One of the Justice League

Year One would mark the end of this first chapter of the new DCEU, and would serve much the same purpose as 2012sAvengersdid for Marvel. This is the first time the team would need to be assembled as Lex Luthor (a villain who would be mocked up until this point) is posing a threat bigger than Superman is willing to take on alone.

The film's firstJustice League will feature a radio wave blast after Lex's defeat, which will leave several organisations across the cosmos feeling disgruntled. It's time to get a bit more comfortable with it.

Shazam vs.Black Adam

TheShazam!andBlack Adamfollow-up in AfterJustice League,Shazam vs. Black Adam. This film is quite an option at this point, so it's only a matter of time before the WB becomes a reality.

As for where it would stand in the universe, this would be quite off to the side of the Justice League. Sure, there may be references to other players, and Billy Batson's general jealousy that he has yet to be invited to the team, but this is a story involving Shazam and Black Adam at its heartand, which would be the first straight comedy in the DCEU afterShazam! Fury of the Gods.

Martian Manhunter

WhereGreen Lanternservesas gave us the first taste of DCEU galactic, Martian Manhunter would be the full-on all-you-can-eat buffet. After JL: Year One, J'onn J'onzz (aka Martian Manhunter) is drawn to Earth, but faces certain challenges along his journey.

This is a road trip adventure film in space and would be a success for fans, especially when it comes to Darkseid's unstoppable abilities, as well as learning about Boom Tubes (interdimensionalwormhole devices) and Mother Boxes.Martian Manhunter would be instrumental in the establishment of a new franchise, which will become an integral part of many of the films to come.

Batman: The Wayne Legacy

Another sequel to the new DCEU would beBatman: The Wayne Legacy, which will begin by introduceing members of the Bat-Family in Gotham. Following the events ofJustice League: Year One, Damian feels like he cannot go back to doing this alone, posing a mentee in Dick Grayson (his first Robin). The character will also join Selina Kyle, who is also introduced to Commissioner Gordon's daughter Barbara.

Matt ReevesThe Batmantrilogy will be completed outside the DCEU, therefore this would be the first time that Damian is Batman. The Wayne Legacyis is to give a story that expands the scope of the Batman canon in the DCEU while increasing the roster of Bat-adjacent characters.


After the shockwave explosion across the universe inJustice League, another character is called towards Earth. Sasha Calle (who will portray the Kryptonian in next year's The Flash) will again play the character, but a Variant of theFlashcharacter will be played. After Lex's defeat, Kara-El is awakened in deep space after years of cryosleep.

She has no knowledge of Krypton being destroyed, and she does not know who she is. All she knows is that she is being drawn to Earth. There is no big deal here, but it's a family situation. Everything is eventually resolved with Clark (aka Kal-el) proving to Supergirl that he is not the bad guy, with the two stuttering their homes and devoting themselves to discovering who/what destroyed Krypton.

The Green Arrow

Yep, Green Arrow should join the DCEU. This entire post-Justice League: This is the whole DCEU's plan to expand on what was previously built, and this is the perfect opportunity to introduce a new hero in Oliver Queen.

The studio in Green Arrow will introduce a much-beloved DC hero to join the Justice League's ranks at this point in the slate. Despite Green Arrow being a fairly basic origin story, it would lead to a JLA future for its hero by having Oliver meet and impress one of the Justice League's members near the end of the film.

The Green Lantern Corps is set to be the next company to join the Green Lantern Corps.

Following the release of Green Lantern, Hal would return to the Corps after hearing speculation of a double agent joining his ranks. After discovering that his mentor Sinestro is actually the double agent and is murdered by the mysterious Darkseid, Hal will lead a winning campaign against Sinestro.

The movie will conclude in Hal contemplating that he and the Corps have conquered Sinestro. However, the villain would be shown returning to Apokolips' tyrannical ruler and waiting for his life, with hints that every villain from the DCEU thus far is being held captive by Darkseid.

Constantine is the star of the future.

In the way thatMartian Manhunterfamiliarized audiences with the DCEU's complicated realm,Constantine would do the same as the magical realm. This film would primarily serve as a first glimpse at magic in the DCEU, with the titular hero starting with his sorcerer-like abilities.

John Constantine will be years away from ever meeting the rest of the Justice League. This film would also aid in introducing other protagonists who are linked to Justice League Dark, such as Zatanna and Swamp Thing.

Superman: The Man of Tomorrow

The first big screenlive-action appearance for Brainiac, a long-time DC bad, will be shown in this film. Brainiac was liable for the destruction of Krypton (on instructions from Darkseid). Because of this, Superman and Supergirl are seekinghim out instead of the other way around. It is a tale of revenge intended to dwindle the iconic Kryptonian to the brink.

Clark is angry here and does everything he can to halt his revenge on the man responsible for the death of his family. The film reaches the edge of the film, but it's eventually realized that he needs to rise above the ground. This comes with a final tease of Darkseid, where a Boom Tube has been left on Earth, making direct travel to the planet. The only issueis: that the heroes are unaware of its existence.

Shazam and Black Adam

Before Darkseid can take on the Justice League,Shazam and Black Adamwill be shown in this film. This film will be a direct follow-up toShazam vs Black Adam, and this time, the Shazam Family will need to match Dwayne The Rock Johnsons Black Adam after discovering the Justice Society of America is corrupt. If there was ever a "Hail Hydra"moment in the DCEU, this would be it.

After years of being somewhat ill-prepared to receive a Justice League invite, Billy Batson (aka Shazam) gets his moment of redemption here. After years of being immaturely jealous about not getting a Justice League invite, Billys is now ready to get in front of the League and explain that Darkseid is on the way.

Dawn of Darkseid in Justice League

After years of working up to this, Justice League: Dawn of Darkseid will be the subject of this first decade in the new DCEU. It will see Darkseid come to Earth with every single villain seen so far in the franchise. It's true that Uxas has been collecting these rivals and building an army to fightwith him. This will be the culmination of everything from the first ten years of the DCEU 2.0. Darkseid will be joined by the likes of the Bat-Family, the Green Lantern

The heroes will emerge victorious, but they will not kill Darkseid, rather than sending him through an interdimensional portal and locking him in his own pocket dimension somewhere in the Multiverse. This will leave the franchise the door open for an even bigger conflict down the line, but this will mark the end of this significant arc.

Where Does DC Go From There?

Warner has a number of possibilities to expand the roster of characters, based on the stories of previously introduced heroes, while also bringing in a variety of new names.

The DCEU receives a strong start, with a 10-year plan that, while similar in places to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, does not disappoint. That is, if the whole family fails to restart and start a new five-year strategy halfway through this one.

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