Chris Evans' Avengers: The Endgame Suit Has Been Received Hot Toys Figure

Chris Evans' Avengers: The Endgame Suit Has Been Received Hot Toys Figure ...

Though Steve Rogers is gone (at least for now) fans remember Chris Evans' performance very affectionately. After all, he played the character at least once a year for nine years in a row. The mantle and shield of Captain America have been passed to Sam Wilson (as seen in 2021'sThe Falcon and the Winter Soldier), but Steve continues to live in the hearts and minds of fans.

Rogers rallied what was left of the team to apprehend Thanos on a planet known as The Garden during this sequence. Steve, likely without a Captain America suit that was in excellent condition, decided to wear the navy blue stealth suit he wore in the fan-favorite movieCaptain America: The Winter Soldier.

Hot Toys, a Chinese company, has been manufacturing high-end 1/6 scale figures of popular MCU characters for over a decade, and Captain America's figures are certainly no exception. So for their latest release, the manufacturer has dragged into the past a bit.

Captain America gets released from Hot Toys with a Stealth Suit.

Hot Toys purchased a new figure offering from social media, including Captain America in his blue and silver suit fromAvengers: Endgame. However, some viewers might recall this look from the film's prologue scenes set before the five-year Blip, but when they think of Cap inEndgame, they think of his final battle costume.

When Captain America: The Winter Soldier was released, the company initially released a figure of Cap in this suit, but this item includes several upgrades and upgrades than its previous incarnation. Click here to see the photos below.

The figure has a die-cast metal shield.

With all of the stones gone, he comes with a post-Snap Infinity Gauntlet.

Cap has over twenty concepts of articulation.

He has been equipped with removable mouthplates for different facial expressions.

A breakdown of what the figure is covered in:

And finally, a screencap of Steve as he appeared in the film with this suit on.

MCU Lineup for Hot Toys'Ever

When it comes to Hot Toys' MCU characters, the above Cap figure does not even begin to scratch the surface. And, on the other hand, while they'll sometimes do a lesser-known character, the company manifestly gravitates toward what sells; popular heroes such as Iron Man, Captain America, and Spider-Man.

Hot Toys is also a notorious force for failing to complete teams with their figures. For instance, they haven't made Mantis fromtheGuardians of the Galaxyfranchise. Hot Toys even asked Cyborg for years to complete their live-action Justice League roster. But they eventually caved on that matter, and the figure is now available.

Yet, Hot Toys' sense of customer service and attention to detail is often second to none, which would explain the always-hefty price point at which these figures retail for!

Avengers: Endgamecan is available on Disney+ for purchase in a variety of physical and digital formats.

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