In Disney+s Ironheart, Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man Legacy is teased in new photographs

In Disney+s Ironheart, Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man Legacy is teased in new photographs ...

In the Multiverse of Madness, Avengers: Endgame scored a lot for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but nothing stands up to Tony Starks' sacrifice on the planet. Both Spider-Man: Far From Home and Doctor Strange have both suffered a significant impact.

When Dominique Thornes Ironheart is properly introduced, the exploration of the characters' legacy will once again be under the spotlight. Otherwise known as Riri Williams, she will first be seen in this years Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and then in her own Disney+ series next year.

How will she relate to Iron Man himself? After all, her name suggests that she is the same as the armor she will wear. In Black Panther 2, fans have already seen what shell they will be wearing, and recently, new set pictures have revealed her appearance in Ironheart.

While one takes a closer look at those set photographs, it might become clearer about the shellhonorTony Starks legacy.

Tony Stark Makes A Huge Contributor in Ironheart's Legacy

New set photographs fromIronheart have revealed the first look at Riri Williams' new superhero suit of armor, revealing potential clues about how the show might backtoRobert Downey Jr.'s legacy as Tony Stark.

Many fanstheorizing that the suit might be cobbled together from several different sections of old Iron Man and War Machine suits:

The faceplates that are similar to the classic Iron Man one, the general bulkiness being reminiscent of Mark I, faded red, white, and blue posters that might be from the Iron Patriot, and the War Machine-sized weaponry are among the similarities:

The idea of having Riri collecting bits and pieces over the years would be beneficial for the MCU, and would be a great way to introduce a legacy character like her, who had no interactions with Stark otherwise.

Lizzie Hill of The Cosmic Circusbrought up an interesting aspect about the suit, revealing that the suit on the set is dubbed the Legacy armor, further tied it back to Avenger, founded by Robert Downey Jr.

Riri Williams is found picking up pieces after Tony Stark's death on the graphic page, mirroring the situation theMCU's incarnation finds herself in following the events ofAvengers: Endgame(and a few projects in the future).

Tony Stark's hologram version was eventually discovered by Riri, who then received a video message to his loved ones via hologram at the end ofAvengers: Endgame.

Is this technology possible to achieve a fully AI version of the hero, putting Robert Downey Jr. in danger of returning? Riri might also stumble upon a prototype version of the AI in the confines of the components she uses for her suit, allowing her to be resurrected by one of the MCU's greatest minds.

Ironhearts adds to Iron Man's Legacy with a new chapter.

Tony Stark was quite a fan of superheroes during his time as a superhero. And by footprint, it's more like a lot of wasted.

Tony's suits were constantly damaged and destroyed during battle. Iron Man 3 is probably still home to some Hulkbuster bits and bobs, and the destruction of Avengers HQ in Endgame could have sparked some prototype armors.

Armor Wars might have a great starting off point. If Riri Williams, a young MIT student, is getting all of these pieces of former Stark technology, she cant be the only one doing so. There are likely more than a few bad apples using the technology for the incorrect reason.

In the fall of 2023, fans will have to wait until Ironheart hits Disney+. As for Armor Wars, then there's hope that the rest will be true.

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