In China's Trend, TikTok users react to zombies

In China's Trend, TikTok users react to zombies ...

Although this is a pure fabrication, TikTok users argue that China is generating zombies. These bizarre rumours have originated in a controversial opinion piece published by the website We Are The Might in July 2021.

The essay discussed the possibility of a zombie apocalypse and proposed some of its potential implications, claiming that Communist nations like China are most likely to host a deadly outbreak. Although the story appears to contain no facts or facts, it has managed to reach TikTok and has raised concern among its members, many of whom have expressed their concerns online.

The essay, written by Ruddy Cano, was published online on July 16, 2021. The title indicates that the beginning of a zombie zombie epidemic is in China.

According to the author, a communist country like China might be the most likely place for a zombie zombie apocalypse to start because they would keep the news of an outbreak a secret until it gets out of hand.

The paper asserted that by examining the Chernobyl incident in 1986, Communist countries have long and again chosen to suppress information until it is no longer denied. In 1986, when the Chernobyl disaster happened, the Soviet Union refused to acknowledge a problem until other countries had unfavorable evidence.

According to the book, the Chinese population would lie and claim that the epidemic was natural rather than criminal negligence in order to avoid making it powerless in the world.

Given China's population, the zombie apocalypse there might be fatal, and that the authorities of the country will lie and hold on the facts from the outside world until it becomes uncontrollable.

It's 2am and im exhausted of this bull**** yall start sayingin yalls prayers #fyp #foryou #chinazombie #funny #comedy #crazy #sickness #2am #xyzbca

He made unjust statements, claiming that China intends to develop bioweapons and would instead concentrate on maximizing profits in the event of a outbreak. He predicted that the CCP will develop a zombie vaccination and distribute it to other countries.

Users who were uninterested and dissatisfied went to social media to postpone the zombie scenario. One user wrote, breaking the total desperation that a zombie apocalypse is imminent, and that it all begins in China.

Bro these china zombies should be a joke.

ZOMBIES IN CHINA??? Bye, im going to kill myself before they catch me!

First was pink sauce and get krissed the monkey pox, doja shaved her head, china wants a war with usa, NOW ZOMBIES IN CHINA Im settling on the moon.

Another questions were raised why TikTok users allegedly claimed that there were no zombies in China.

Excuse me? China's blackpink just announced their worldtour. But damn zombies should continue their cults in China until they're over.

Last year, a video of a woman began making the rounds on social media, generating a similar rumor that went viral. When the video was made, the woman was experiencing mental difficulties.

Ankita Khanrah is a second-year student of the School of Mass Communication at the University of Bhubaneswar.

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