Is Lea Michele becoming an illiterate Internet surface? Fans React

Is Lea Michele becoming an illiterate Internet surface? Fans React ...

Lea Michele is putting an end to allegations of illiteracy after making an appearance on August 8, 2022 in the SAG-AFTRA Foundations Storyline Online series. In the video, the children's book Rosie Revere, Engineer, written by Andrea Beaty and illustrated by David Roberts, was read aloud by the Broadway actress.

After the actress addressed the crowd at a June event in the Napa Valley, it appeared that she poked fun of the allegations by saying, "I didnt go to college, you guys, and look at me," internet rumors about her incapacity to read and write began to circulate.

With the most recent video, she is once again repurposing conspiracy theories.

In the accompanying video, the Funny Girl actress urged kids to dream big and never give up.

This book's message that you can succeed as long as you try is what I am grateful for the most. Rosie inspires us to have great dreams and never give up because she is so creative. We appreciate you reading Storyline Online. Check out all of our stories, please.

The Glee alum has joined the likes of Kristen Bell, Oprah Winfrey, and Kevin Costner, who have all previously participated in the YouTube series with the Storyline Online video.

In 2018, the outrageous assumption that the 35-year-old actress is illiterate gained traction following a 40-minute film titled Lea Michele Is Illiterate.

Jaye Hunt and Robert Ackerman produced a video for their podcast, One More Thing. After Micheles' former co-star Naya Rivera made a similar assumption in her biography, the two made the theory as a joke.

not lea michele is an alleged appalling woman from

Although the old video is no longer accessible online, one suggestion on TikTok argued that Michele did not have the time to read and write. She spent much of her life onstage while playing for Les Miserables on Broadway.

One online myth that Ryan Murphy would portray Michele in his movies. He promised to give her lines as they were being shot so she could recall them more easily.

Another rumor suggests that the actresses' social media profiles at Scream Queens are actually managed. Many people thought that her social media posts are particularly emoji-heavy, which led to this notion.

When she mingled with the crowd at a concert in Napa in June 2022, Michele stated that you won't have to attend college to theatre, according to the Emmy nominee. It's possible that I was ill educated, although the internet claims that she was not educated.

My conviction is that I entirely, unironically, believe the Lea Michele cant read conspiracy theory.

When it first arose, Lea Michele debunked the conspiracy claim on Twitter in 2018 and liked it in response. I loved READING this tweet and wanted to WRITE you back. I am literally laughing out at everything.

[NEW PICTURE] At The Grove, Lea Michele is signing copies of "Brunette Ambition." #pic4

Given that the actress had canceled her account on the app, the tweet is no longer available.

Despite the fact that social media allegations about Lea Micheles illiteracy have circulated, it appears she has made a regular effort to dismiss them.

Im Lea Michele and im here today to read.

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