Fans are linking the infamous Aaron Ramsey curse to the death of Olivia Newton-Johns

Fans are linking the infamous Aaron Ramsey curse to the death of Olivia Newton-Johns ...

On Monday, August 8, Olivia Newton-John, the famous pop icon who gave us exemplary songs like Physical and the dearest character of Sandy Olsson in the 1978 musical hit Grease, died. The afflicted news left endless individuals grieving and the unfortunate consequences of her co-stars and artists being approached to pay tributes to the four-time Grammy winner.

Today, individuals are transferring her death to the infamous Aaron Ramsay curse, which she left after Olivias news. Aaron Ramsay scored in just a single moment after defeating his team to lead Nice in their Ligue 1 match. Despite her illness, some individuals over the internet wanted to talk and connect it to the Aaron Ramsey curse.

The Ramsey Curse, a well-known express that occurs when Aaron Ramsey scores because of its perceptible connections to VIPs passing on, has struck once more. It comes as Ramsey scored on his debut for Nice on 7th August and the next day Grease star Olivia Newton-John died.

The 73-year-old artist and entertainer was devastated by her illness last summer. While some individuals on the internet couldnt resist the opportunity to discut and connect it to the Aaron Ramsey curse. For those who don't have the vilest idea, the Welsh proficient footballer who plays as a midfielder for Nice has a disgrace, dubbed the curse.

Aaron Ramsey's curse has occurred once more. When he scores a deceased person, he dies.. RIP OLIVA NEWTON JOHN

The death of celebrities like Whitney Houston, Steve Jobs, Paul Walker, David Bowie, Jose Rafael Videla, Robin Williams, and even Osama Bin Laden has been pretty much harmonised with Aaron Ramseys goals. According to the curse, each time Aaron Ramsey scores a goal, a celebrity is sick to die. Specifically, a day after Whitney Houston was scored against Sunderland in 2012, the Internet is discussing whether Olivia Newton-John is the most recent victim of this infamous Aaron Ramsey curse.

The Aaron Ramsey Curse started off as a joke, but it's far beyond that point. Williams, Jobs, Bin Laiden, Whitney, and Oliver Newton John are some of the most well-known players he has ever played.

Olivias husband, John Easterling, died peacefully on her Ranch in Southern California, just a day after Aaron Ramsey scored his levelling goal. What happened to him? Three days after Aaron Ramsey scored against Portsmouth, a previous US senator died in 2009.

Aaron Ramsey scores in a 1-1 draw for OGC Nice against Toulouse..8th August Olivia Newton-John passes away..The curse continues..

Andres Monte, a Spanish football and basketball commentator, passed away in 2009 two days after Aaron Ramsey scored his first goal against Manchester United. A day after he scored against Manchester United, Osama Bin Laden was killed in 2011, and then, three days after he scored against Tottenham Hotspur, Steve Jobs died in 2011 as well.

Aaron Ramsey scores then Olivia Newton-John dies.. the curse is real

One client user couldnt resist the opportunity to record specific celebs passing and associate them with Aaron Ramseys scoring days saying, he Aaron Ramsey curse got going as a joke, however it's far beyond the mark. Williams, Steve Jobs, Whitney, and Oliver Newton-John are some of the most well-known players he has ever been identified.

This Aaron Ramsey misgiving has spread to serial killer documentary levels.

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