What is the trend of TikToks' viral mouth tapping? Experts warn against The Trend

What is the trend of TikToks' viral mouth tapping? Experts warn against The Trend ...

TikTok is developing a mouth taping habit where it is going viral, but experts have warned about the rise. Right from dance trends to health hacks, everything can become a viral trend on TikTok. This trend is going viral as users are discovering it it is beneficial to try. But is it really good enough to try?

Read ahead to know more about TikTok's mouth tapping trend.

You may have heard TikTok hacks going viral. Well, this new trend is also a hack only thats going viral on the app. However, there is no one on your mind that this is the reason. Here. If you think you snore a lot or you have nighttime mouth breathing habits. Then this trend may be tried to remove it.

In this trend, one has to sleep all day long after taping their mouth. This will ultimately force one to breathe through their nose. Regardless, the mouth taping technique does allow one to breathe more with their nose. However, experts have a belief that you must follow this trend before proceeding to it.

We have seen several TikTok trends that seem simple to try and provide benefits. However, we must check them thoroughly before we have them to try. This trend also promises to worsen the snoring problem and the daytime mouth breathing problems.

Though, we have some experts on this trend as well. As one expert has stated, this trend might aid in nose breathing. It isnt okay to sleep with your mouth taped. As it can lead to some serious health problems. So, one must be cautious with the trend.

Users have enjoyed the mouth taping trend a lot. As it claims to help one switch to nose breathing, nose breath is beneficial for health. It helps in preventing tooth decay as well. So far, the mouth taping hashtag has received 23 million views.

Experts have a warning which cannot be ignored. The fact that it may cause heart problems, stroke, and COPD, therefore, users must not go for this experiment.

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