Taika Waititi Has Just Been Married To A Huge Pop Star

Taika Waititi Has Just Been Married To A Huge Pop Star ...

Taika Waititi has been known for his wit and humor in the film Eagle: Ragnarok, which starred Jemaine Clement in the 2021 film The Sun. At this point, Ora and Rita have already met for a first appearance on television, including a starring actress. According to IMDB, the two are expected to premiere next year.

The summer is coming to a close with new projects from director and producer Taika Waititi. Famous for his work on the Academy Award-winning film Jojo Rabbit, Waititi has graced audiences with wit and humor as part of Thor: Ragnarok and this years Thor: Love and Thunder. Now, Taika Waititi is kicking his fans for a loop as it was announced this week that Rita Ora and the director have taken their romance to a new level.

Taika Waititi and Rita Ora were married in secret in a ceremony in London, where the singer reportedly changed her name. At this time, Ora will now go by Rita Waititi-Ora, who has confirmed that she will perform for the first time in a row due to hectic schedules.

Before Taika Waititi married Rita Ora, the two became known for their individual talents outside of their personal life. Ora was also a recipient of numerous awards for her musical career, including the top ten singles R.I.P., How We Do (Party), Your Song, and Let You Love Me. On television, Ora has been a host or judge on several reality competition shows, including The X Factor, RuPauls Drag Race All Stars, Americas Next Top Model, and The

Taika Waititi is expected to be more successful than his wife Rita Ora when it comes to pop culture filmmakers. After completing the program with Jemaine Clement on Flight of the Conchords, Waititi began working on the original feature films Eagle vs Shark in 2007, which included more work on the television version currently available. According to IMDB, the directors' next project will be Next Goal Wins, which will star Michael Fassbender and Elisabeth Moss.

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