HBO Max has cancelled Kevin Smith's new DC drama

HBO Max has cancelled Kevin Smith's new DC drama ...

The Warner Bros. Discovery camp has received a lot of buzz after its merger. One day, Kevin Smith revealed that he was unable to take up a single film, but said it was a no-show. He added that he was responsible for the closure of the movie, making the show akin to the late Christopher Columbus movie.

Another day, more bad news comes from the Warner Bros. Discovery camp. Already plagued by the two most anticipated DC Extended Universe films, the company merger caused further disruption to rumble through the franchise. Kevin SmithsStrange Adventures, the legendary director and filmmaker, is the latest victim of the merger.

Kevin Smith spoke about his involvement in Strange Adventures while discussing the movie. He described canceled a Latina-ledBatgirlmovie as a bad read in the wake of Flash's disgruntled pre-screening feedback. Zaslav said the film had a better chance of being taken a $20 million write-off by canceling it. Smith even spoke to Zaslav's previous work before he took over.

A few years ago, Kevin Smith agreed to pursue a $4 million anthology project. He was shocked when he discovered he was involved in a $20 million project. The filmmaker decided to include Bizzaro (a flip-side of Superman) and Jimmy Olsen (a long-time photographer accompanying Lois Lane).

In the final script, Bizzaro was attempting to create a mirror version of Metropolis. He would later discover that he was a hated villain. The most surprising revelation he received was that Kevin Smith was going after none other than Nicolas Cage to play Bizzaro. In a failed Tim Burton film, Superman Lives, Cage had previously been slated to play Superman.

Kevin Smith said that the WBD merger was a long shot and he was satisfied that he got paid and even accepted the decision to ax it. However, he expressed his belief that HBO Max itself would not exist until Zaslav was finished with the merger. Towards the end of the conversation, Smith described how many people have dread the word. It is hard to be a DC fan, and it has been sinceBatman Vs. Supermanhit theaters six years ago.

This Kevin Smith announcement for the next release of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom was a difficult process for DC. An additional detail is the Amber Heard/Johnny Depp trial. The DCEU seemed all but dead. The merger between Warner Bros. and Discovery sparked a major improvement. But some businesses have found themselves collateral damage. The $90 millionBatgirlfilm is the most widely accessible. You have to look into what happens next.

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